What happened to the 1 month Free ??

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Foxhound-Pro wrote:

Smokesdope's point only applies if you look at ELITE as a single model service moving from Modern Warfare 3 onward. It's be clarified that this isn't the case and that ELITE is technically split into two models. Those being the entire experience for Black Ops 2 and the tiered experience for Modern Warfare 3.

The ELITE Premium services are still locked to premium members for Modern Warfare 3. That one month, and any subsequent years of ELITE anyone purcahsed I assume, apply to the MW3 season and game.

Well I kind of read between the lines I think

Or at least I was thinking that later after glancing at his posts. Kind of like a new door opening up I never used .

But thanks for looking into these threads.

thanks also for putting Smokes posts into a better light. I guess I was seeing it way to differently. I will have to read it again after a few rounds of MW3

Maybe I was mixing his posts with Macs posts elsewhere ? I must be getting sleepy on my day off.

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