What do you consider a good k/d in this game?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

There has been a discussion about this for previous CODs and each one there seems to be different opinions as to what is considered a good k/d.  Mine was much higher in MW3 than this game.  I think most people would say the same thing.  IMO MW3 was a much easier game to get a high k/d.

I consider a good k/d, meaning someone that is truly a good player and has decent games the majority of the time to be about 1.6+. 

I consider myself a decent player, able to pull positive nearly every match on a decent connection, my tdm kd is 1.45.   Although I haven't even reached level 55 yet, (I just got the game for Xmas).  I feel like it will improve over time as I get the feel for the game.   My ratios for the previous games are as follows:

MW- 1.65




Clearly we can see which game was easiest.

I'm just curious as to what do you guys consider a good kd and how does your bo2 kd compare with mw3. 

Also I do realize that it is hard to judge someone in the lobby based solely on kd, but it is a pretty good indicator.  

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I consider anything over 2k/d to be good!

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Yeah, anything around 2 is good

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Play for fun. Your kd is average, nothing special. I have no problem making average players go negative.

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KD in itself is meaningless.  It's a stat that too can manipulated too easily.

WL is a better stat as it gives an indication of how wel a team player you are, but you have take it also with a grain of salt, because joining losing games in progress does affect your WL ratio without you having much influence on it.

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Also not playing with a full team can affect your WL.  Several times I have been like 30-5 and still lost the game due to teammates.  So no I disagree that WL is a better stat, at least in TDM.   KD is everything in tdm, even if a guys spm is 100, we know he camps but he helps the team with his 2 kd. 

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stats only mean something if its a level playing field like an experiment otherwise like this its a waste of time

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I always laugh when i hear that K/D ratio is meaningless. In objectives games, YES it is meaningless to a certain point. But in TDM, it is the essence of the game, If you got 0.25 ratio with 4 kills 12 deaths, You are making your team loses. The main objectives of TDM is to get more kills than deaths.

But first, have fun.

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W/L is meaningless unless you play in a party or play FFA. Overall the average K/D is around 0.9, but I consider lower to mid one K/Ds bad.

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Anything over 1,000. Yes, 1,000. If anyone has below that, even a 999 K/D, you're bad kid.

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