What counts as spawn-killing? How about instead focus that they are spawn campers?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

My understanding of a spawn camper is one who camps at spawn(at least back in my CS 1.6 days), I can understand that it can also mean people who camp the various sites where the other team spawns. Is it therefore spawn-killing if let's say in Hijacked I decide to for the lack of a better term, go to the boiler room and come up on the other team's spawn. Yes I encounter people who are trying to get out of spawn and in the process kill them to get what I'm really after: spawn campers who decide to not move from spawn the whole match. Also I am pretty well-versed in where people camp in all the various maps especially standoff, aftermath, plaza, etc. and feel to prevent people from camping I have to constantly go circle the map at least 10 times or so to make sure no one on the other team is camping. I miss HC Free-for-all where I don't have to worry about not shooting anybody on my team i.e. accidental teamkilling. I always have the urge to kill campers on my team as well and the only thing deterring me is I get kicked after doing it 3 times.
  As a stealth-rusher, I feel the same way about campers as much as any other rusher does. The frustration of getting killed by a camper numerous times and the sweet satisfaction of getting rid of the camper and his camping nest therefore frantically getting back to their camping spot before getting barraged by a malestrom of projectiles and the occasional canine.I feel that campers accuse rushers of being spawn-killlers just to cover up the fact that they can't get out of spawn quick enough and proceed to call us "Headless Chickens" for behaving in such a way.

  I tried camping and I hated it, to me being stationary is more vulnerable than being out in the open. Death can come at you instantly while rushing but camping(the only place I can camp and not be called a camper is Hardpoint because the whole point of that game is camping) there is always a constant dread of someone aiming at your head and for me at lest got me very paranoid. Also I think that if anybody decided to camp in the game and I mean everybody on both teams camped at spawn, nothing would be accomplished and end in stalemate. I think that if there was such thing as an all-camper free-for-all everybody would stay where they are and set up their camping nest instead of actively searching for their opponents. I mean what is so alluring waiting for what seems an eternity just so someone will show up in your crosshairs when at that moment scoping, you get knifed in the back of the head or to really make a camper pay use an RPG in point-blank range, most of the time killing you in the process but killing the camper as well and in the words of the Great Heero Yuy "Mission Accomplished".

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You really should use some spacing and paragraphs most people on these forums will not read a wall-o-text like that and reply.

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There is room for all playstyles on this game. I don't generally camp either but if I join a game where the team is getting destroyed I will try to hide till the game is over and then leave the lobby. Also your playstyle suggests that you are always on the good side of lag. If you were on the bad side you might have to adjust your playstyle as you will NEVER win a head on gun fight if you are playing a 1/2 second behind the other player. Also I HATE the map Hijacked and now I camp the whole game of hijacked if I am in a good lobby. Not over the spawn but somewhere where I won't see very much action. It is my silent protest to the stupidest map ever.

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