What a waste of money

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Where to start....what a disappointment call of duty black ops has been. I have reached master prestige once already and what a waste of my time it has been. I don't know if they do but ever few days the guns Damage decreases or increases which is very frustrating as I get use to a gun and it then turns shit forcing me to switch gun. Nothing to me on this game makes sense for example... Hit markers with rpg's, hand gun kills over someone with a sub machine gun and other general things such as spawning, down to c4s throwing distance, not only are c4 over used, they are a straight kill, how does this add up to a hit marker with an RPG or an explosion from a crossbow bolt.

As I own all the cods  I have to say, this is by far the worst. seems strange how they get worse, shorter campaign and worse online.

100% sure I will be getting rid of my cod collection and move onto something better.

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Good bye!!! We won't miss you

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Hi there! You shouldn't be seeing a change in gun damage so often as once a week, but patches do adjust damage per community feedback.

If you're curious, that info is here:


Hit markers can occur based on your connection, the perks another player is running, where a bullet/weapon damages them, etc! If you think you're running into connection issues, let me know what your setup is like and I'll be happy to help out.


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GravzyXD wrote:

100% sure I will be getting rid of my cod collection and move onto something better.

So why did you spend all that time before you realized this game sucked ? If a game sucks it doesnt take me days worth of playtime to realize a game sucks. It takes about 15 minutes. Definitely not enough time spent to reach master prestige.

Then in a month when you get tired of those other games you will complain you wasted even MORE money having to buy your COD collection back. There is a reason you bought all those COD games in your collection.

I can understand if a game doesnt feel right to you, so just go find a game that DOES feel right to you and stick with it. But once you leave then have no more complaints, treat it like getting rid of a bad girlfriend and dont pay attention to it at all.

But when you do leave it then dont come crawling back. And remember YOU made the choice to reach in your wallet and buy this game. No one put a gun to your head. Most people wait to see what the real players reviews are before they buy a game. You could have easily waited two or three days to read the forums and see how the game played but instead you just keep rushing out buying this "peice of crap" COD game year after year.

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I did what anyone else would, I enjoyed all the rest, therefore bought the new one.. Pretty straight forward..

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GravzyXD wrote:

Where to start....what a disappointment call of duty black ops has been. I have reached master prestige once already and what a waste of my time it has been.

These posts confuse me. This guy took the time to play a video game, goes to PM and says he wasted his time! I wonder what people want from these games? Did you think your were going to get a prize?

I've said this before to others and I do not mind repeating it to you = STOP PLAYING THE GAME!

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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Seems like all that is left on the forum anymore are the shills and a few disgruntled players. You will not find any help here.

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Oh my fuck!  You Love this game!  You've been playing it for 10 months.  Don't complain that you hate the game and that it sucks, because if you actually hated it, you wouldn't even have reached level 55 let alone master prestige and played for almost a year.  I honestly think that anybody who complains about the game at this point in it's cycle should be banned from the forums.  They're just looking for attention, otherwise they wouldn't still be playing.  OP, go away.  Go play the CoD that we all know you love.

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HAHA attention... And when I spend £40 I don't allow 1 day to determine if i like/enjoy it or not. I got 6 prestiges from double exp weekend So barely any time wasted there.. And if you dont like people complaining about the game why are you wasting your time posting on something like this? clearly looking for attention or a like lol?

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I was on the fence at first about Black Ops 2; the learning curve was a lot steeper than any other CoD I've played in the past. But once I got used to it, I love it now (the multiplayer, specifically).

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