What a waste of money

Black Ops II Xbox 360

You're just mad. Don't like it, don't play it. Just because you're a CoD veteran doesn't mean you will love and enjoy every CoD that comes out. In fact you might hate it.

If I were you, I'ld still buy Ghosts and try it. Then decide its fate.

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this guy has a point, yes we played it for awhile, but it is by far the worst COD.  I played all other titles of COD way after the last map pack, all the way up to the launch of the new game.  In bo2 i was done playing about a month before last map even came out.  Actions speak louder than words. and my actions show it didnt live up to the other cod's!.

P.S.  i wont miss the crappy community or people saying bye!

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Plays through Prestige Master... More than once. Gets hours and hours out of the game... Yet claims it was a waste of money.

Usually, if a game is that bad... I won't play it much after that initial realization. Yet you spent days playing it. You can't get that kind of entertainment for that cheap anywhere.

Waste of money? Doesn't sound like it. You got what you paid for and more.

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