Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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Good. Grinding is boring. I'm prestige 7 and got diamond snipers, shotguns, and assault rifles. Couldn't be happier to get them so fast. Besides, it's not really that fast though. Apart from snipers, which are the easiest to get gold at 400-500 kills, I usually got gold around my 1k kill mark with each gun.

I wish the pistol challenges were easier, though. Getting kills isn't too bad, but they seem a lot harder to get headshots with.

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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You've got to be joking right? What's the point in putting in bling camo if only a select few that have more time on their hands than others can get it?

It took me over 1k kills on each smg when I went for smg bling, not the simplest feat for anyone to run around with no perks/attachments for 150 kills either, plus the headshot grind.

If you want a harder challenge there's plenty to choose from so after you've completed all of the following come back and make another post:-

operations master, master of humiliation, master killer, precision master, primary master,secondary master

Oh that's right just incase I miss it I'll say ok complete all of these too:-

TDM Master,FFA Master,DOM Master,SnD Master,CtF Master,HQ Master,DEM Master, HP Master, KC Master, Sharpshooter Master,Sticks n Stones Master, One in the chamber Master, Gun Game Master.

Still looking for a challenge? Get in the top 100 for every leaderboard, top league in league play, take up competitive gaming and make a career out out of it too.

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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TDM Master ....i'll just give up on that one right now! DOM master is also going to be hard to do with the Trip Cap challenge

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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I think FFA master is harder

That one also needs a 20 kill streak, out of a thirty kill game. At least with TDM, you could have less skilled players on your team.

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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I've had TDM master for a long while now. It's not that hard. Just need to play a lot of games. FFA master is probably harder...might not be though. DO you know if you need the second nuke emblem in FFA to get that one?

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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Guns challenges are fine, but why no calling cards for 1000 kills with whatever scorestreak?   ...the calling cards for 50 kills with a killstreak is not very impressive.

Sure, keep the 50 kill one, but add another layer of depth to if

Also, why the random 300 kills for B. betties?  Personally, I want a sexier betty for 1000

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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Dude, get diamond on Specials, Launchers, and Pistols before you try to say they're too easy. Pistols have the exact same requirement as AR's. Try to go get 100 headshots with the Executioner and see how long it takes you. Then get 150 with it with no perks/attachments and see how long that takes you. Then come back here and say it was too easy.

I wouldn't mind some challenges for getting high kill counts with each weapon, but I like the challenges in this game because there is an end in sight. In previous CoD's, there simply was no way to ever complete all the challenges... ever... unless you lived in mom's basement, worked part-time, and did nothing but play CoD.

I also hate how MW always just requires nothing but headshots to get camo. I love how BO makes you complete multiple challenges to get a reward.

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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MoonUnit wrote:

unless you lived in mom's basement, worked part-time, and did nothing but play CoD.

there is the million dollar statement... unfortunately... that decribes a good chunk of COD players..

thats apparent from the kids online at 11am on a tuesday that already has over 11 days played in 2 freaking months..

i dont care what justification you have... if you have that much time to play this damn game, something is missing in your life... like a job or actual responsibilities!

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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The launchers are actually really easy to get diamond.  They were my first class to get there (being only three options made it quicker of course), but I'd have had them even sooner if there wasn't that glitch when the game came out (launchers weren't leveling properly, and when it was fixed you didn't get credit for all their previous usage).

Pretty much be "that guy" on the team who shoots down everything.  We're over two months into the game, and I've gone back to playing with the FHJ simply because almost nobody on my team will shoot down enemy air support (UAV/CUAV, Stealth Choppers, Escort Drones, even Dragonfire).  Seeing as I usually run with Ghost, its only benefit for me is the points towards my next scorestreak.  If anything it helps save *their* lives more than not.  Some people bitch about enemies calling up constant UAV/CUAV, I say bring it on, more points for me.

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Re: Weapon challenges are too easy/fast

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@MrCoates28210: I already have diamond specials :/ my most prized weapons at the moment haha.

@TurdFerguson00: Not trying to sound conceited, but I feel the need to point out the obvious and say that the game does revolve around people who play a lot, because we will be the majority of people buying the DLC. I agree that every player should matter, but if you look at it from a business standpoint, wouldn't the people who spend more money be more important? And if you read my post, you would see that clearly there are not enough gun challenges to keep us "hardcore" players busy.

@jahMoon: Agreed, master of humiliation challenges are pretty hard haha. I've managed to scrounge my way through each one except the backfires. Why would I want to use somebody else's gun?

@SitRepPro: No, I do not have diamond LMGs, but am currently working towards them. I got 40-50 headshots after playing for about 4 hours with the MK48, and I already have a golden LSAT. I'm not seeing the challenge you seem to be implying exists. Also, please explain to me how ARs are "easy mode", seeing that theres 3x more of them than LMGs. Not to mention the dual band on LMGs makes getting headshots extremely easy.

@creaper21: I too max out and gold a gun around 1k kills. Some like the SMR took about 1.4k. I just think it would be kind of cool if challenges went farther than that. You're right, they aren't extremely fast, but can easily be done within 2-4 days.

@Ss78_: Dude, you're blowing things way out of proportion. It's not my life goal to be a professional gamer. I'm just looking to stay interested in the game. Just to clear things up, I'm not saying there aren't hard challenges out there - I'm saying I think it would be cool if they added harder weapon and scorestreak challenges. And for the record, running around like a headless chicken spraying an oversized clip doesn't really show much, even if you aren't running any perks or attachments. We've all had to do it.

@MoonUnit: I'm not saying the gold camo system is bad, I too like that. I understand there are harder challenges out there like getting a pistol gold (the five-seven is kicking my butt), but I don't want to have to change the gun I use every single time I get it gold. I want to show my progress with the couple of guns that I really like to use, which is why I want more in-depth challenges.

Just to clear some things up, like I said above, I'm not saying there aren't hard challenges in the game. I can safely say I will never be owner of the Master Killer calling card. I'm just saying that I want longer and more in-depth gun challenges. Lots of people have posted how some guns are challenging to get gold, and that I should try those if I want a challenge. The thing is, I want to show off my "skill" and progression with a couple of my favorite guns, not guns that I have no desire to use. That's why I think challenges that require a couple thousand kills or headshots would be cool. I also like the KD calling card idea suggest by jahMoon - maybe make calling cards based off of weapon KDs too? Just a thought.

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