Weapon balance feedback V2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Yeah totally agree with part about the best weapon being the one that feels right for you, I can honestly say that I have had about 15 "best weapons" just because at the time I felt they were the best, tonight my best was MSMC which I usually hate, yesterday I was rocking the AN-94 because that felt right, hell I've even had a few stints of thinking the scorpion was the best but always go off that pretty quickly.

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Skorpy skorp! 

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How can you hate the MSMC? That thing is a beast. I just went flawless with that thing and I have 11K kills with it and counting. That weapon is my girlfriend on the battlefield and I gave her a name- Amanda.  

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Always been a HC player and it seemed very clunky and I didn't really like the guns design, it is by far my lowest used SMG since I got game with Vector being my most but been playing a lot of Core league and search recently so have only just discovered the benefits of it, seems to be really good for them, especially with a Stock and Quickdraw.

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Guys, I have to agree with CR4IG on this MSMC issue. I'm working on completing the last camo for it now and, you know, I just don't see what all the excitement is surrounding this gun. It just doesn't stand out above any of the other guns I've used. I haven't used the PK, Chicom, or Skorpion at all or to any degree worth noting, but of the other SMGs, the PDW was the better gun.

That said, out of the 4 SMGs I've used extensively, none of them stand out. Same with the ARs. The AN-94 was okay, but, again, I have yet to find a "go-to" gun in BO2.

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all semi auto snipers need a nerf! bullet spamming is not skill. give them some recoil please.

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The XPR has recoil and the SVU gets spammed because it has rubbish body multipliers so snipers are not going to take the chance to see if they 1HK with the SVU since that requires a headshot in core.  However, snipers don't get aim assist until fully scoped in and all have an ADS time of 0.4s except the Ballista with no Quickdraw available.  That requires more skill than spraying and praying with SMGs and ARs with 18% gun accuracy.

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XPR has a metric ton of sway and can't be spammed.

SVU-AS is useless in softcore, always outclassed by auto-FAL with ACOG.

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