Weapon balance feedback V2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

To be honest, I don't have any issues with the SWAT-556 (after they last buffed it) but hey, if the devs do consider buffing it again, it's a win-win scenario for me

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The swat is fine right now, I do fine with it becuase I play to its strength and not its weakness. I plan my engagments with it. I play a medium/long range game with it. Where its slower burst fire is not an issue. Make them come to be instead of me going to them. Let them funnel towards me where as soon as in sight I fire. Where the burst delay has little affect on the outcome.

The swat is not really meant for close/short range battles ever. It is meant for medium and longer range battles where precision fire takes precedance over rate of fire.

Problem is it is an AR and people try to treat it like all other full auto AR's and rush with it or get too close. Just like the SMR both it and the SWAT are not made nor should ever be used for taht game play style.

I do better with the SWAT than the M8. The three round burst is enough to kill and kills fast enough when accurate enough. Does not need a higher rate of fire by reducing the burst delay.

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Great post.

Agree that target finder should have sway or recoil, I refuse to use it as its OP.

MMS is OK as its any camper, so leave it alone. You should not get any detriment to hunting out corner campers.....!!!!!!!!

M27 and peacekeeper are weak and very annoying weapons to gold, especially the art of war without toughness and needing so many bullets - grr, hated that.

SWR - agree that its a mid range only power house, it needs a range buff to be useful given it has crap sights, slower aim, more recoil than FAL.

SCAR - got this gold, even with the extra 100 or so centre speed using select fire, its still cannot kill a guy at a window without shooting through the wall. It needs less recoil, especially for the select fire point spent.

Sniper ballancing - just remove aim assist from all snipers - so no possibility to abuse quick scoping and problem is solved. Snipers will have to aim to get a kill - god forbid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMGs have been over nerfed, left with mp7 and possibly scorpion as OK ish, would rather have a light weight Mtar with laser every single time though.

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If five weapons were to be buffed, it should be:


It's the weapon that kills the slowest of ALL WEAPONS IN THE GAME when not already aimed down the sights.

I do much better with the XPR.50 on all ranges, despite the massive sway on the XPR.50, because it kills 0.17 seconds faster than the SVU.

I love flavor a whole lot, but the SVU-AS is like rotten fish: It's a compact sniper with NONE of the advantages you'd expect from a compact sniper.

It does not let you move faster.

It does not let you aim faster.

The SMR is likely always better, and the SMR is never really good.

2: Peacekeeper:

Worse than all SMGs on short range, worse than Vector, Skorpion and Chicom CQB on medium range and always worse than all the ARs on all ranges, except M27.

Setting it to 625 RPM and giving it 35 base damage would make it unique in the SMG slot, instead of it being a worse Skorpion EVO / Vector

3: M27

FAL, Type 25 and M8 will always be better on short, medium and long range.

No weapon should need to be strictly worse.

Giving it SMG ADS speed would let it have the advantage it needs.

4: SWAT-556

It's just completely overshadowed by the M8, Type 25 and AN94.


Not good on medium or long range, where heavy weapons SHOULD shine.

Worse than Type 25, AN94 and M8 on practically all ranges.


If four weapons were to be nerfed, they should be:

1: B23R: ~1150 rate of fire 3 hit kill?? Compare to SCAR-H and SWAT556.

2: KAP40: 937 RPM 3 hit kill with good range?? SECONDARY weapon. Taste the word: Second-ary.

3: M8: Just a TOUCH more recoil (not much, just so that other weapons CAN compete)

4: FAL: 4 hit kill on 55 meter+ ranges so that it's not practically always better than the SMR for long range.

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Also, reduce dual tac 45 to 40 damage like the dual skorpions in blops 1

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I think you make alot of interesting points, but why do you insist on comparing the swat to the type25?  They couldn't be more opposite in terms of their function and purpose.  The swat is absolutely in no way outshined by the type 25 when used for the function and purpose it was designed for.

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EMP grenades probably have the same range as other tactical grenades, it's just you don't notice it with others as you don't see a blast radius.

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You read way too much into the numbers..

For me, the best weapon is the one that feels right, and the one that works for you, regardless of stats. I used to love, and dominate with, the Type 25 when it was supposedly a terrible weapon, the worst AR (before buff). Now it's been buffed , it's still good, because it dosn't feel any different.

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Statistically, the Type 25 was ALWAYS one of the best weapons in the game.

The buff came out of absolutely freaking nowhere:

It was one of few weapons that would be used in competetive play.

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Well, you're the only person that says that the Type 25 used to be statistically the best. I've heard and read from just about everywhere that it was the worst AR, stat wise. And no, it was never used competitively, did you watch the CoD Championships?? Main weapon used was MSMC, among other SMG's, and DSR50.

Also, weapon damage is not the only thing that concerns balancing. Other attributes taken into account include, but are not limited to: Damage; Range; Accuracy; Fire Rate; ADS Time; Empty and Partially Full Reload Times; TTK; Magazine Size; Clear Iron Sight (or not clear); Penetration; Randomness of Recoil Pattern....... There are probably other factors, but that's all I've got for now off the top of my head.

Take the MW2 versions of the ACR and the SCAR-H as an example. The ACR had almost perfect accuracy, with very little recoil, and what there was was very predictable, a fast reload time, and it had a 30 round magazine. BUT, it was very very weak, had a slow ROF, took longer to ADS, and had horrible clogged up irons, meaning most people put a RDS or ACOG sight on it. Compare this to the SCAR-H. This weapon had good accuracy, high damage and moderate range, and clear irons. BUT, it had a random recoil pattern, a very slow ROF, and only a 20 round clip.

There is a lot more to balancing than you think. And on BO2, I think that's one of the things Treyarch did do well.

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