We, the gamers, who bought ur game 3arc, WE are owed an explanation.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Actually MW3 had similar issues and they at least tried to solve it as opposed to ignoring it and blaming it on individuals internet.  Much more than Treyarch.

Im not asking for perfect, Im willing to go back to the COD4 and MW2 connection.  In MW2, the host had a slight connection and that was it.  YOU NEVER HAD PROBLEMS KILLING MULTIPLE PLAYERS IN THE LOBBY.  Ever.  If you lagged in MW2, it was either they picked a bad host and in that case everyone lagged or you connection was bad.

Now your connection can be awesome and so can the hosts and people in the lobby are still at advantages/disadvantages.

Stop defending the connection, youre looking like a lunatic.

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Actually there were clips sent in and the one fella made a video showing that the lag is actually in the game. He has done it a few times. There is lag, it's a fact, whether or not they want it there is on them....at the moment I would say they want the lag in the game for whatever reason. It does make it hard to camp.

To say there isn't lag is lunacy.

They have fixed some of it though, I will give them credit on that. When the game was first released it was god awful, it has truly gotten better but the lag switch from lobby to lobby is getting on my nerves most of all now. I can have 2 or three good games and the next the lag gremlins come out and it seems every lobby from there on out is messed up.

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Don't base your happiness off a video game. Move on, if you don't have a good time playing then simply don't play. There are many, many, many of us who love this game and are enjoying it.

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I base my happiness on a video game Restore_Hardcore. Playing it with my friends helps cheer me up. I'm disabled and can't work. I'll be the first to admit that I have no life (Had over 33 days of online game play  LOL). Although, I haven't played multiplayer since a day or two after they removed Hardcore Capture the Flag, I play Mob of the Dead every day and haven't noticed any issues. Is what he's talking about limited to multiplayer, and if so, have you noticed anything? 

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Ya it's the lag as usual. After reading many posts about lag over the years and having played cod online for many years I have come to this conclusion: Some people live in areas that match them with other gamers who are too far and or they have bad internet or too little bandwidth to handle Netflix and the game etc or they are just getting outplayed and blame lag. After listening to the people I play with complain about lag and hearing so many teammates accuse the other team of using lag switches but the game is clearly running fine I estimate that 90% of complaints are bogus and people just can't accept that they got outplayed. I have been going through a rough patch of lag lately but I stick with it and still managed to stay above my overall kd for the last month. I could have started a post about how all of the sudden the game is unplayable and how the devs messed it up with a mystery update but I've been gaming for far too long to realize the simple truth: We play online, the internet and our networks are not perfect, and it's just a game. Yes gaming brings us happiness but if it is causing so much misery for so many people who are on here constantly complaining then it's time to stop. There are too many good games out there and CoD is finally gonna get some real competition this fall (sorry BF3, 30fps is ancient tech).

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Perhaps Activision Support could help provide you with some answers ITSTOOLATE. I messaged anyone I could think of that has anything to do with BO2 on Twitter asking for the return of HC CTF. Activision Support was not only the only ones that replied, but they did so in minutes. Sorry you're having problems.

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All Treyarc owe me is 2 more dlc drops! Ba bum tshhh! Lol

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3arc, it's time you get off your high horse and out of ur really expensive cars (Vahn), and address this problem.  It is a problem.  It's not on our end, its the game.

We buy ur game and without us, you cant buy ur fancy cars and whatever else.

Day dreaming is a thing for children. They will not respond to anyone's request to explain themselves, without defending anyone the game itself (on the package) says clearly they cannot guarantee everyone experience will be optimal.

Sucks but its true.

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Who cares about BO2 anymore? lol. I mean really, the majority have written this game off (devs included) and are just waiting on the next gen consoles and CoD. If the next CoD fails then the series is dead. BO2 has been a blight on the CoD franchise that won't be soon forgotten.

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yet they still try and sell us new maps ,,and now they want us to vote on two new camo`s  for all weapons, which they will expect us to purchase,

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