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This is the worst COD yet. ******* campers everywhere. Did anyone of your employees even play an FPS before developing this trash. Nice job, not! You should all be fired. On your next attempt, look for talent at the local community college. The douchebags you currently employed suck dick.

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Not the only unsatisfied customer

A nice mature post!!!

This attitude will get you far!

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I wouldnt worry about peoples attitudes on here. Gamers are pissed, disapointed, feeling robbed and some of us are even butt hurt. We expected a game that worked. This isnt CODs first release, or second, or third. After all that time and money you'd expect and now DEMAND QUALITY. Why is it that a game that is based on killing and marketed on killing fails to do so? The lag comp for this cripples me. I shoot marshmelllows and then die. And its far worse when I host. I'm looking to see if AOL dial up is still available so I can never host and make sure EVERYONE that shoots me dies with one shot when I shoot back and have them rage quit because there kill cam tells them I saw them come around the corner from two maps and a lobby away while they didnt even shoot a bullet.

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LOL @"some of us are even butthurt"

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To say someone should get fired in todays economy is a little much don't you think? Now get back to your paper route

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