WTF is going on?

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Ok about that 3 bar thing, what if you are playing with friends that live in the West Coast and your in East Coast, well say if they get host(westcoast) then you will have 3 or 2 bars due to the distance it take to send data to them and back again. Sure your able to get 4 bars with people that live in your area or state. Also they need to improve on a lot of things. MW2 wasn't perfect when it came out and the same with the BOPs 1.

The only thing that would make an improvement is those servers they promise us back sometime ago with W@W or MW2 eh can't remember.

Also yeah the spawns need more improvement, if i see hijacked any i always back out I don't like that map due to the well what you have.

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Re: WTF is going on?

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I live in KY and I have a CONSTANT four bar in 99% of the matches I play. The ONLY times I don't have four bars are when I go into a match that has already started and then it's 3 bars. Even after that 1/2 match or so the host ALWAYS migrates to me and everyone minus a few will be rocking four bar connections. And just so you know I play with people in my party from Alaska, Canada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Vegas, California, basically every state. My connection is strong enough to support players. I can host ground war lobbies and not have a SNGLE PLAYER with less than 3 bars.

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Re: WTF is going on?

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Guys guys!!!

I got it. It's a code!!

Read only the caps locked words and you will see the real meaning of his post... You clever guy you op..

"Unbearable every game totally hc no. Twelve twelve never. Only cod original cod. Bo2 great dlc , asap

Cod4 my only bo. Hc really got to be fixed..."

Hmm interesting do you think it's zombie related??

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