Black Ops II Xbox 360

Mine still hasn't turned up again from the postman today

just in a long queue to speak to someone from tesco now.

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Why not actually leave your house and go collect it yourself?

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Just had mine delivered by a royal mail van, good luck I hope you all get yours soon.

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WTF? As if we are clairvoyant! Get in touch with GAME!

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13:30 still no game. Have exhausted all culpable parties with emails/phone calls. No doubt some trampy postie in Lewes is eBaying furiously...

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I emailed GAME yesterday morning (my game came at 13.45 yesterday). I just got a response:

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your email.

I apologise for the delayed response. We are currently receiving a large number of customer queries.

I am sorry to hear that you have not received your goods, I can confirm that your order was despatched on the 07/11/12 from our warehouse.

Unfortunately from time to time goods go missing within the postal network and although we are happy to replace them we do ask you to wait 10 working days. If you have not received your order by 19/11/12 please contact us again and we can assist you further.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us.


Peter B

The Team at GAME

-------- Original Message --------
From: ########@hotmail.com
Sent: 12/11/2012
To: customerservices@game.co.uk
Subject: GAME: Contact Us - Where is my Order!

A website user has submitted the following Where is my Order:
Email Address: #######@hotmail.com
Name: Mark ######
Reward card number: #######
Postcode: ######
OrderNumber: #######
Preferred contact method: Email
User Query: I am becoming more and more less confident in your ability to deliver this game on time.

I have been reading reviews of your deliveries and customer server and they are woeful to say the least.  I have paid £160 and I want this game on time, no BS excuses. 

The tracking number you gave me does not work, I called customer servive and the lady was extremly unhelpful.  The online chat function does not work.

If this game is not delivered on time then I want a refund and I will publicise the bad customer service on facebook, twitter and every other major media outlet that I can.

£160 is a lot of money to be messed around by a bunch of ameteurs. I should of pre ordered with amazon.

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anyone pre ordered from tesco or anywhere else.  i was on the phone to them and the bloke said you do not have to wait 10 days for a refund, if you pre ordered you have first priority over games and he told me if it doesn't come by friday phone again and ask for refund. BAD I KNOW! 

If they are that bad and you recieve it thursday or friday and you don't sign for it, ask for a refund anyway thats what im going to do.

ps. haven't recieved it today

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Still no game for me 9:51 and I am extremely pissed off. Where the fuck is my game! I spoke to game and they said they posted with Royal Mail, and it is not trackable! I am so stressed out now. It better come tommorow or I want a refund. It was the hardened edition as well!

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13:46 on te Thursday - still no game!

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