Black Ops II Xbox 360

This happens every year.

People never get their pre-orders on time.

Why don't you just pre-order from a local shop and go pick it up from there?

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Wow Game. Ok So Guys I Ordered The Black Ops 2 Hardned Edition About A Month And A Bit Ago. I Was Really Excited To Come Home And See If It Had Arrived. I Asked My Girlfriend 'Lucy' If She Would Stay In And Wait As She Starts Work At 2. So I Get Home Lucy Was Just Leaving For Work, And Nothing Had Came, So I Thought Ok Best Wait In Just Incase. So My Friend 'Max' Texted Me Saying Wannna Go Out For A Drink So I Said No Because I Was Waiting In, He Ordered The Hardned Edition About A Week Ago And He Got His A 11:00 Yesterday!!! WTF! He Ordered His With Amazon. So I Think Thats The Way To Go Next Time Guys. But Parcel Force Deliver Until 7:30 Currently 7:18 Here So A Tiny Bit Of Hope Left. Let Me Know If Your Parcel Comes With DPD Or Parcelforce ETC. Thanks

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It was ParcelForce that delivered mine so i'm pretty sure they are still delivering to 9pm. Mine came at like 7pm.

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Wish you asked them questions on our behalf Smiley Indifferent

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Ok Thanks Does Anyone Have PS3? If You Do i would like To Play Our First Game Together if u want..

PSN- DsG_Fluxx

Add me if u want

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Still not come yet and its 7:45.. FFFFUUUUUUUUU!!!

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Nothing here either.

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Same here : (

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in reply to Stealthblade117

face it its not coming, i stressed enough today, so im putting complaint in to my local sorting office tommorrow!

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A complete joke, been waiting all farking day

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