Version 23.446.21 makes me furious...does it for you?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I've been getting the same thing with the .21 update. When searching for games it automatically says 0 matches found and does not run the normal search. I have to back out and try 4 or 5 times to find a game. When i do get in a game host selection is poor and sync is way off. Lot of the matches the host shows 4 bar and everyone in lobby is 3 bar with a couple fluctuating to 4 bar. I have a open nat 40 down 8up and ping sub 50 ms across the country. The game was almost unplayable at launch and started showing signs of getting better with the updates and hotfixes. The game was far from being in sync a week ago, but since the last hotfix it feels like launch week.

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I am absolutely appalled by the fact that they haven't tried to do anything and it's been neearly a week. Only thing I see on Twitter is Mister Brag yapping on about the Grip on a gun... IMO, none of these attachments will fix this gigantic screw up that you released as a hotfix, completely obliterating my enjoyment of this game due to the fact that I can no longer find matches, and if I am even remotely able to get into one, the sync is so far off that I have to start firing my gun 2-3 seconds before I see an enemy. Explain to me how you consider this anywhere near keepable as a hotfix?

You ruined your game for many people over the past couple months, and I lucked out. 8 prestiges and 200 hours later, i want to destroy this $60 piece of plastic and never play anything released by your company again.

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OP I couldn't agree more. The previous version was the best since launch night. This is horrendous. Frame rate drops all the time and my connection drops every time i make contact with another player. MW3 made me dislike Cod but I gave this a chance. Unfortunately I spend far less time on this than any other cod game I've owned. I'm not going to buy next year's one. Went back and played some Cod 4. They have never come close to that but mw2 and Bo1 were pretty good. The last 2 games have been a great example of a company milking a brand. Their online support is a joke. I read an interview with ATVI CEO and I now see that Cod will never get dedis etc as the guy is and has always been about the money(which is fair). It is no longer about the player. RIP real Infinity Ward. Rant over.

PS I can't wait for Respawn Entertainment's first game(most of original IW went there)

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.20 ran fine but on .21 I've actually stopped playing.  Host is off big time.  How could they mess this up so bad. Its different and all I can hope for is they fix it to where it was previously. 

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Sux. Seems a bit worse for me but maybe I put up with more?

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Seems a bit worse for me too. A bit more of the "second behind" syndrome than normal. At least we can agree on some things.

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Yup. Really sucked today. Trying to gold type 25 and its nigh on impossible to shoot anyone. I've had to resort to shooting people who aren't looking at me and from a distance. The type 25 with no attachments at range just doesn't work. It's taking at least 10 bullets to kill.

Sort it out devs. Your product is not fit for purpose!!!

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this is maddening to me as well. i have lost 5 points on my k/d since the change. i cannot go positive to save my life. so this is an update by treyarch? i think the game has become unplayable for me, really. will this number change when there is another update? please say so, if not this game and i are done already....

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Similar here. I have 18k kills and in a period from Sunday to Tuesday went from a 1.68 to 1.66. Can't beg borrow or steal a decent connection. Misery loves company.

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The number won't matter if they don't adjust their settings. I really don't know how anybody is having a better experience right now. Someone messed up bad. Is it playable, yes but It's definitely a step backwards for me and a lot of people.

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