Version 23.446.21 makes me furious...does it for you?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

OP you are not alone. I have been giving this game praise finally from the good matchmaking i was having the last few days. But as soon as they updated and hot fixed something yesterday the game went to complete trash again! I hate this FREAKING game! But yet i keep playing it because all my friends do. I am taking a break for another week or two and play halo until the next title update.

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I agree the last version hot fix has made the game revert to terrible.

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Whatever they did has screwed up matchmaking big time.   It takes too long.  Sometimes system freezes.  Dont seem to get a stable 4 bar connection most of the time.  They pretty much made a game that was working fine broken like MW3 was.

Nice job.  This game blows on it's own, but at least it worked well.  Now it's inching ever closer to the trade in bin.

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I completely agree. The .20 version was the bees knees for me. Too bad it was only a one night stand.

Version .21 is some of the worst it has been for me personally. Matchmaking takes longer, lobby leaderboards rarely work and insta-deaths out the ying-yang.

I may actually take a break for a weak or two.

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Seems fairly conclusive then. From our small sample survey, 100% agree this version sucks. Rollback to 445.20!!!

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if or when this game is fixed i will play it again. until then im playing medal of honor warfighter and having a blast. you can pick it up for 30 bucks give it a try.

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Sad thing is, I'll keep playing. Have all the previous CoD to play, BF3 and the newest ghost recon. They just don't compare even with the issues. I suppose that why CoD pulls in $100million a day when they're released!

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Indeed the .21 patch has been causing some issues.  Thank you for not being passive about it and posting.  Hopefully the issues is resolved, but until then I suppose...

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My whole game is so messed up dude that there's not even any lobby music anymore. There's text sound and gameplay noise but there isn't any in-game music anymore. It just up and vanished and nothing will reset it. I checked settings and restart the game and all sorts of things. On top of that, it takes me forever to find a good game. When matchmaking it says, " searching for 0 matches." When I have an open NAT and when I do get in a game, I have full bars. So I KNOW it isn't my connection. It's this stupid hotfix. And on some occassions, there are no maps to vote for when waiting in the lobby. It' just counts down the time remaining and then gives us a random map. So weird. But I doubt they will even make an attempt to do anything soon. As long as they keep making money, they take their time.

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