VTOL vs Lodestar

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I usually rock a Smaw so I have the option of taking down (or helping to take down) air support whilst still being able to tube people. But having a class with RPGs and/or a grenade launcher never hurts!

I usually play Hardcore Kill Confirmed, but I do dabble in Core Dom.

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Given that there are no SAM turrets available it's probably just as well LMGs with FMJ can do some damage to them.  You can move the VTOL around the map and a heavy gunner will be exposing himself in being shot at since, if they wish to instakill the VTOL, they won't be using a suppressor.  And then they'll have to deal with the slowest using guns in the game.

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it all depends on who you are playing.

a team of dummies, VTOL all the way

a team with a collective IQ of more than double digits, the loadstar.

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I'm tempted to agree with this. Which means the VTOL would be on most of the time

I jest I jest. I just thought the two were interesting, I was expecting the VTOL to be a bit rubbish as I almost never see em.

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I was using the lodestar recently and I think it's better for: It can only be shot down by stinger lock or SMAW lock. This makes the enemy team to take their rocket launcher and lock onto my 'star. This gives me an advantage against the enemy team. Secondly the 'star has more blast in its rockets meaning its easier to kill people. The reaper from MW3 was shit compared to the lodestar. My opinion is both of them are good. VTOL is better in demolition for spawn trapping the enemy.

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