Usefullness of the dragonfire

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Usefullness of the dragonfire

Although this is just my opinion, I believe that the dragonfire needs some tweeking. First increase the number of hits needed to 2-3. Second make it where it is capable of taking more than 5 bullets. It is not like this is a UAV, the War Machine requires less points and is 20X better.

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Re: Usefullness of the dragonfire

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It could indeed be allowed to have 1 set of flares, and take a bit more bullets.

OR have a smokescreen reloadable special ability.

Some of my dragonfires have been shot down in face to face encounters with the first enemy.

Attacking from directly above causes the hit-detection problems to be quite clear.


However, I will give my advice:

Hide among the rooftops near teammates, and avoid the enemy launchers.

If someone shoots after it, go away and find someone else to pester.

Stay high, but use cover at all times.

7 dragonfires has given me 23 kills.

3 kills for each 1 minute max use of a killstreak that disables you during use and allows enemies a free kill?


In hardcore, it's absolutely beastily, I'm sure.

But in softcore... 3 kills for a high killstreak that renders you immobile isn't something to write home about.

The stealth chopper has about the same kill ratio, but lets me be mobile.

The sentry gun serves a greater purpose.

The guardian causes massive frustration.

I really love the dragonfire, however.

Not the streak, but the style.

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Re: Usefullness of the dragonfire

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i refuse to use it now ive only had about 5-6 and everyone has been shot down before ive even fired a shot

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Re: Usefullness of the dragonfire

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im having great success with it, i am a sneaky player though. like, in a game of dom on meltdown, if u hover just above the roof (so that it is pretty much touching the roof) of the one of the building that over look B, u can take out snipers and people pushing B. Also, my top tip is fly it as close to the dround as possible, reason being that when someone see's it on the radar, they instictivley look up, easy kills for days

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