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You show up in a lot of posts, and you are kinda a jerk. Just thought you should know. Also, apparently you live on here.... 10,733 posts? Really? 365*2+45= 775days thats just about 14 posts a day. However you are right. LP is not direct MLG rules. Its meant to be a playlist for competitive gamers. MLG has 3 different rule sets. GB Variant, MLG Variant, and Ladder Base Rules. If you all want to play real MLG rules, go sign up for a free acount on majorleaguegaming.com. Compete in the free ladders division. 

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LOL it does not take alot of time to make thsoe 14 or so posts a day. takes me maybe about a minute or two for each post becuase of how fast I can type. I dont care about my post count and never did. They could reset that or hide it and would not matter to me. They could reset or remove my stars and would not matter  to me. I am not here to be popular or liked either, so calling me a jerk realy means nothing to me been called worse on these forums and other places. Not going to get butt hurt over it, I am old enough not to let words hurt me or make me change unlike some that come here. Been on the internet far too long to care if I upse someone anymore by how I post. I am not here to socialize or be liked. I am here to simply state my veiw of things based upon my own knowledge about the game.

Oh and for the record the total post count is cummlative from all the forums not just the one forum at a time. So really doubt it is is 14 a day, closer to 10 maybe, then agian some days may have even 20+. Again whcih not one single post really took me over 1-2 minutes to make.

So 20 posts at 2 minutes equals 40 minutes of time on a forum.. not realy what I would consider living on the forums ya know.

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TheDizaster wrote:


Will you please update league play with the current settings?

-Ban Duel Weild

  -Ban KAP40

  -Ban FAL

Thank you!

I'd rather them ban players who after a while do nothing but complain (not you) others.

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