Until next year...maybe

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I tried I really did but I just can't like this game so it's off to Game to trade it in.

My reasons are as follows:

1, When I pull host and run the game for the 11 other players I'm hardcore health while everyone else is a Jugg.

2, I pull host a lot.

3, 2 patches and I'm still being long ranged by an SMG over my assault rifle.

4, There are weapons missing from the game. (No Python/Magnum or D'eagle!?)(No Spaz 12)

5, Maps are too poorly put together and have little to no variation.

6, Over 1/2 my clan has bailed to play Minecraft. BO2 is such an unpopular game with them I'm left playing with randoms.

7, Elite is completely defunct now and as a founder that's very disappointing.

8, Even without host the lag comp algorithms seem biased toward a team so matches are either an extreme loss or win but mostly loss.

9, Friends are having to wait to play after getting probation for odd reasons and probation just seems wrong to me anyway. Treyarch = parent!?

10, Connection when in a party due to the varying speeds and skills we all possess is way worse than in random games.

11, Theatre isn't right. I'd explain that further but I can't put my finger on exactly why. It just feels inconvenient compared to previous incarnations.

12, Zombies while fun for 5 mins just doesn't have the replay value like before. The map/s is kinda crappy tbh.

13, I've played every COD and improved as a player in each one yet BO2 made me feel like a complete novice again.

14, Way prefer the Tac 45 or Five Seven for OIC.

15, 4 hardcore games.

16, High killstreaks are unreachable for any mid level or lower player. I'm just above average and got the odd MOAB/Nuke but Swarm is a pipe dream.

I know some of you will reply to this with sarky comments about how I won't be missed but my point in all this is that I'm not the only one. Many a seasoned player has already left and taken with them their objective capping, team boosting, care package defending, spawn flip calling expertise.

If there is a lesson to be learned here it's that when you have a winning formula don't mess with it too much. Add to it by all means but don't inherently change it and stamp it with the same logo. If you buy a Coke and sip it only to find it's Fanta in a Coke can you feel cheated.

I hope the people left playing this game get some of the changes they want made implemented quickly and hope to see you all again next year.

Goodbye and good hunting.

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Oh yeah I forgot the knives. They don't work either.

Better leave it there because I'm pretty sure my point is made.

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you sir are epic and i agree with every thing here...except the novice thing i started cod in cod 4 and i feel like a really good team player in bo 2...as for the spawns it seems a monkey jumped on a keyboard and hit enter but that will be fixed...dont worry my friend when teh xmas noobs come we will make them wish they never got the game and level up like theres no tommorow hopefully a patch is relleased by then...never lose hope when it comes to the patch...the patch that will solve everything...keep calm and drop those noobs

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