Unfair banning system

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Yesterday I was playing bo2 when I found out my friends were holding a boosting lobby and they needed someone to join them after falling into the peer pressure I eventually joined but the next day I went on and I was Banned! Everything gone! And a 6 day waiting period! JUST FOR BOOSTING! ONCE I was nearly getting to master prestige legit when everything was reset I found out that none of my friends have been reset only me this is totally an unfair ban considering their are no warning whatsoever. If I don't get my stats back I wil never play or buy another cod franchise in my life I spent hours upon hours working on an account only for it to be wiped out from a single game wtf activision you have really done it this time....say what u. Must about me being a noob for boosting because their will be but I just want people to hear me out.

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Didn't you post this already?

I am glad you got banned, it's just a shame they couldn't make it perma.

If you don't buy another game then good - one less booster to deal with.


PS Ban appeals are not allowed here

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You already explained your problem and it has nothing to do with activision. You feel into peer preasure, that is your fault not the game makers. Honestly they wont care (neither will we) that one little cheater doesnt buy their next game. Yes you can be reset and bannrd for one offense. Should have read that CoC you agreed to...

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Dude ur last post got deleted, this one will too, you bitch and moan about NEVER playing this game again, so just stfu and leave! Your a booster, you got caught, enjoy your lemonade.

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Here is how the banning system works

-> You cheat

-> You get caught

-> Corrective action is taken

Here is what happened to you

->You cheated

->You got caught

->Corrective action was taken

Explain again how this is not a fair banning system again?

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you're first post was already deleted you cant discuss banns.

but unfair?

you CHEATED,.,, you got banned thats not unfair thats called working as intended.,

You wont get an sympathy on here at all.

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Your thread content has been locked due to a violation of our Code of Conduct. We understand the confusion that an in-game or in-service ban may bring, but challenging the merit of one is prohibited on our board. Ban appeals and discussions are simply not allowed.

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