UAV Update Complaints

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Tick meant unlocking it with your prestige token Goober. But, great job on making yourself look like an intelligent person. Now, learn to read outside the box kid.

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There's a box?

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i'm pretty sure i know how to use the new ghost perk... it's not an intelligence thing to be able to unlock a perk. Ghost is broken and caters to one type of gaming style. i enjoy sniping even in this game... and the constant uav spamming was just ridiculous. as a sniper i shouldn't feel forced to use a launcher as my secondary weapon, and even at that there wasn't enough rockets in the world to keep shooting down all the uav's ( treyarch noticed the mistake and fixed it... they are smarter than all of us combinded... how are we to argue) then even when i "unlocked" ghost which took all of my brain power to do... i still couldn't snipe like i want to because even with ghost i have to run around like an idiot to stay off of the mini map.

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Totally agree with you, but get ready for people to call you a camper...

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I have to say that being pro-"old" ghost is as bad.

But both of these people are total idiots. I like the new Ghost and this change to the UAV.


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easy mode? 

how much more easy do you want with 5 uavs up,   sweeping in real time,   showing everybody's position on the map and a broken perk that's supposed to counter it turning you into a headless chicken for it work and practically forcing you to run into the pack of smg red dot chasing mlg wannabe's who know exactly where you are.

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