Two very annoying things.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Okay. Two things that annoy the piss out of me in this game.

Snipers- which are extremely easy to use.

and effing TARGET FINDERS. I've never raged at an attachment in ANY call of duty more than I've raged at this one. It's just...unforgivably easy. LMG + Target finder + camping = Frustration. Also, it seems like EVERY person that uses it has a KD below 1.0 and it seems like it gives them an unfair advantage. I don't see why they always find some way to give an advantage of some type to the bad players. I understand you want sales but I mean come on ffs.

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The cold Blooded perk makes the target finder useless.

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Not really.  Cold-blooded just gets rid of the box, but when you go over top of someone it still buzzes and lights up the cross-hairs.

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Sooo many snipers tonight... hate them!

Played a game on kill confirmed and the entire team was snipers?? I dont get why people choose to snipe in kill confirmed?? you have to pick up the tag to score. Tthey all had negitive deaths and lost!!! F****d up!

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Why exactly do you need to pick up the tags???

I snipe in KC lots, and never pick up the tags...Why you ask? Because I know some dummy run n gunner is gonna be all in the middle of the map, all the time...So I let them grab it as they dash around with a smg or shotty...Also I use them as bait and wait for the enemy dummy run n gunner to try and get that "Kill Denied", then blow them away before they reach it.

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Not the point of game (KC) but then again you dedicated hardcore snipers are cold blooded killers in the computer world. Thats why you guys have high KD's because you are afraid to get out and slug it out. Just keep hiding and QS that way i dont have to see you,

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the only thing about sniping that pisses me off is that 80% of them use that stupid ass spamable SR that has absolutly zero SRs just need to leave the freaking game

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There should only be bolt action snipers. & this coming from someone who snipes on a regular sniping is about being accurate with 1 shot making that shot count for the kill because once you fire your position has been compromised nothing pisses me off more than players spamming the svu & xpr 50 hoping for a lucky hitmarker that connects & kills

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If they have a KD below 1 then what are you crying about?   That would mean they are not very good..  So with a KD below 1 and them not being very good what advantage do they really have?  I could see your point if they had an actual advantage and had a 3 kd....

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You're missing my point.I'm saying a team full of camping lmg target finder users with low K/Ds gets really frustrating really fast. It seems like makes EVERY gun's recoil lower.

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