Treyarch, you disgust and disappoint me.

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playerone2 wrote:

you sir. are a moron. (deamonic)

Seriously. at least google the things you blab about.

and there is plenty of proof. just play on some one elses connection. maybe someone that can ping across the country with 30 ms or less. almost guarantee you will feel the lag comp.

Theres a difference between being laggy, and not being able to get hit markers because of lag comp.

the lag comp is more subtle. but a seasoned player will notice it (or just someone with good hand eye coordination). you can feel it in the aim-assist and hitmarkers of course..

as far as the fal being a 2-3 shot kill no matter where you hit them in one game. and getting 5-6 hitmarkers with it in the next game. I really cant see how thats due to networking errors.

you sir are the moron. where have i said there there is no lag? where? NOWHERE. What i have been and will keep stating is that I am not seeing the super lag you all claims exists.

Most of you dont know what real lag is. Real lag is where you cant change your dam class. Real lag (the kind you all claim exists in EVERY match at EVERY death) Is where you are forced to aim ahead of your opponent and fire before they come around that corner or have to put a sustained burst into someone when they are standing still. THAT is Lag. That is what I have yet to see.

I have yet to see ANY of you provide proof of that or anything near that level consistently through out games. If you think I havent been to youtube and that I havent dont my homework you are mistaken. I have dont my homework.

I have watched MANY youtube videos. and yes, alot of them have lag spikes in them... that cost them 1 death and the rest are legit yet they still claim Lag comp. Hell this one guy claims the enemy player "vanished" due to lag comp. I saw clear as day from his recording that the enemy player ran to the right. There wasnt one death he had that game in all the times he called lag or there was some BS. All of it had an explenation.

You guys for the most part are just whiney kids who get owned and need something to blame. and guess what, theres the broken kill cam.

seasoned player... HAHAHAHA. I have more hours gaming online then you do I would bet I have no life. havent since I was young. I have played MANY online games. and ya know what seems to be a constant theme... lag... sometimes they run great, others the lag... depending on whos host... been that way since CoD4, yet you guys are claiming its radically different. Seasoned.... sure.

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