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Thoughts on FFA

Here are my thoughts on Free for All.

Well, I just played my First match of Free for All in this Game. I know what you guys are thinking, Why play it so late from Releasal. Well not much of a loan wolf person. Anyways, My first match consist of a Person camping with a Vector and 2 bettys. All he Did the whole Match, and this was on Carrier, he sat in the little room, and put two bettys 1 by each door. He eventually won due to camping like a littly girl. Anyways I'm going to list something I think should be disqualified from FFA.

1.) Anyone who stays in an Area for a length of time, should be kicked from the match.(This goes for most Game modes) This keeps the Game flowing and keeps camping away.

2.) Bettys/Claymores-This just encourages camping, I mean every camper has these things. Put a betty there, but your bodie in the corner, Aim down your sights there and await. Bettys and Claymores should not be allowed in FFA. If people didn't camping with them so badly, I wouldn't mind it, but the constant camping, and then running into a building to be either killed by a betty/Claymore is just flat out annoying.

3.)UAVs-This just destroys the Meaning of FFA. You make a class of Lightweight/Hardline, and a SMG, take away all Scorestreaks except UAV, and wala you can have the map fully seen. The Ability to spot everyone on the map isn't fun at all.....Then you know where to camp, and place bettys.

This was my First Game of FFA, and probably my last, due to the constant UAVs, Campers, and Bettys. Does anyone Agree with me or am I going insane?

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Re: Thoughts on FFA

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You just need to adapt. I always run engineer with a black hat or EMP grenade when playing FFA. I use Betty's with scavenger and jut leave them in random places I think people will pass through. Maybe it's a bit of a cheap tactic but I'm playing to win. Sounds like you and the other players were feeding that guy kills, you should have just avoided him. Easy enough to do if you know exactly where he is, I've not seen someone win a game by hugging corners yet. I hardly see any UAVs in FFA, seems harder for most players to string enough kills together.

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Re: Thoughts on FFA

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I completely agree with you, this game overall is just a huge disappointment. The spawns are by far the worst I have ever seen. If you kill a guy more than likely he ends up spawning right behind you and it's no surprise he's just going to come back and shoot you. And when you get killed it spawns you right in between three people because apparently that's a "good spawn"

Very disappointed with the multiplayer it is completely camper friendly and the delay in this game is mind blowing. I will be completely around the corner or on the other side of a wall and still manage to get shot.

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