This is starting to piss me off

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This week has been some of the worst teammates I've seen yet. I can't even believe i'm being teamed up with these people. I'm certainly not the best player but I dont go 5-30.  I dont understand the matchmaking in this game. One team dominates the other. Very few close games in my experience. I can barley even play the game after two days ago. Someone flipped the switch on me again and no matter what I do it doesn't work.

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You realise that this probably has nothing to do with bad teammates, but rather lag compensation? I mean, come on. My most recent game of Black Ops had me going 40-0 (on TDM as well, so I'm not that terrible of a player). I turn on Black Ops 2 to help my clan with challenges and I can't do it. 5-18 is really bad, considering I have to be top scorer.

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