This game is like an addictive drug...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Zelda Was ace......Remember when i did a all day and all night and the ex wife kicked me n64 across the living room lol.

I think i am going to make a rehab post........

Just going to set the scene lol.....

Big square window really big black sofa with a black leather chair next to it.....

Big brown wooden door and flowers in the corner to create a nice smell.

or the other option

A sports hall with loads of plastic school chairs lined up horizontaly and a stage at the front.

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I put down the wacky tobacky and replaced it with CoD. Not nearly as bad as my nephews who play Runescapes and Maplestory. At least I grew up and make gaming fit into my life instead of being hooked before I started living.

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