This better be the last patch to nerf a gun.

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I expect to notice no difference with the KAP-40s in HC and I doubt anyone does in Core either. They are pretty much spray, kill 1, reload. This nerf isn't going to change that.

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footballrule wrote:

PDW and MSMC slightly nerfed with increased recoil and the FAL OSW nerfed AGAIN. Who the heck do you see that even uses the FAL anymore? After the other nerfs, people dropped that gun, myself included. Sure, it was a beast at launch with the Target Finder and Select Fire full auto, but it wasn't unstoppable. I haven't been killed by it in months now. I never see the SMR and that got nerfed too?

What's next? C4 nerf because it is heavily used among good players? Treyarch, the complaining on this forum is more about the lag than anything eles. Try to address that first in some form?

I do not think they "listen" or make changes based on complaints from this thread, but I agree, why further modify the FAL and SMR ~ They have dropped in usage since 1.07.  Curious.

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