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Black Ops II Xbox 360

Is anyone else looking forward to....or hoping for....this year's commercial?  For the last couple of years I thought CoD had some of the best game commercials on television.  Black Ops seemed to carry the theme a little longer than MW3 did (with just the one commercial) and as I said I cannot wait to see what they come up for this game and what 'stars' will be involved in this one.

The commercial should be out any time now, wouldn't you think?

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Yea the Black Ops commercial was epic !!! lol I remember Kobe Byrant shooting a noob tube and I was like whaaaaaaat ? Best COD commercial ever !!!

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Hello Squirrelness, gr8 tag, this gamer is so looking fwd to the 3 arc commercial wit. Loved the BO offering, it was a classic.

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