Theater mode never saves full games.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I've lost a bunch of amazing clips because theater mode doesn't save the entire game. I went 117-2 on Plaza w/ the Vector and it only saved 2 minutes of the 8 minute game. Are other people having this problem too, and is it ever going to be fixed?

Seriously sucks to have to deal with this.

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Having the same issue here. I got a pretty cool 5 man feed today on Nuketown 2025 but I couldn't save it because only 3 minutes of the game was recorded for some reason.

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Yeah im not sure what its doing, and its honestly my only complaint. i got a 6/7 man hellstorm hit on ground war and a 6 man feed with an lmg, neither of which were in the 4 minutes that were recorded.

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Nothing beats a PVR.  Now they are cheaper then ever.

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I paid 225 with shipping for my Hauppauge 5 months ago.  Records your gameplay and it uploads it directly from the program.  Definitly worth a look.

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The only reason why im not getting a pvr is because i can get a BMI for my computer to record xbox, or i can just use fraps for my PC version of BO.

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The same thing happened in Black Ops.

Whenever a host cannot handle hosting players and recording the match, the theater recording will stop recording which is why you don't get the full recording.

It's annoying, I know. Had a game where I managed triple swarms but stopped recording after I got my second swarm.

Best option is to purchase a PVR/Capture Card if Theater Mode fails.

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