The probation thing

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Listen I didnt pay money to get these probation things just for leaving the lobby. I have once and a while quit out of a game but now Im getting probation just for the game kicking me out of a lobby or me leaving thats messed up. Im about to sell this game .

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Search box - there's plenty of thread on this already. Please contribute.

On the other hand - I hope you get a good buy-back price

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I dont want to sell it im just tired of this crap just seems of all the games out there that these companies could just have answers and put this crap in place before hand

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most people will tell you stop dashboarding but the only thing you can do is get used to this treyarch crap since alot of people love them over IW

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there is another thing you can do.  stop buying games n this franchise.  I feel completely ripped off and when i can buy a game next year it will not be call of duty

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