The law of unintended consequences.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Probation for backing out of a match? Guess what, camping is about to become much, much more prevalent.

Guys going 3 and 9 in the first 3 minutes (either due to sucking, lag, or just being overmatched) can't back out to limit the damage, so they are going to hide in a corner ADS'ing a door, to limit the damage and try to run the clock out. No objective play, no help to the team in TDM, just wait it out.

I don't care about guys backing out. If we have 2 or 3 guys who are getting stomped and they back out, the odds are that they will be replaced by people who might do a little better. The host dashboarding and ending the match is the only thing that bugged me.

Now if you are getting stomped as a team, expect to see 1-3 people just stop playing and hide trying to protect their stats.

I hope that I am wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

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Have to agree with this, camping is going to increase now for the little childrens that still care about saving their K/D's.

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Considering the way the servers made it impossible for people to find a decent connection in the first few weeks of the game gives it away as well. Just another addition to why they will be camping. In this case, there will be alot more ninja kits and corner checking from me lol.

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I agree as well, the camping and corner finders are bad enough now.

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Second in agreement here.  Most of my games(80%) I find severly laggy.   I actually ungraded my internet just so I could run-and-gun a little more in COD.  But because of lag-comp or just plain lag, I find myself camping a bit more just to stay above water.

Unfortunately, Treyarch is hellbent on Skill Based Matchmaking, that the overall fairness of connection/lag is very poor.

If you allow players to leave without consequence (players leaving because they are getting beat only because the connection is unfair) you just might have new players that enter the game that have a better connection and can compete to the dominating team.  Thoughts?

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...and I will be the first to admit that I back out. I have never dashboarded. I am a run and gunner. I enjoy rushing to the detriment of my stats. However, if I get in a lobby and play something like Yemen where the entire team is just looking out a window with an AR with target finder or Sniper Rifle, I will jet. I am not interested in playing 'let's see who tries to move first.'

However, even with my reckless playstyle, I still run a positive K/D. Now I am going to forced to play the camp champ style when in bad lobbies and believe me, the most dangerous camper is a good rusher...

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Shit, I just dashboard and take the probation.  Hate on dashboarding if you want, but its your only defense against bullshit.

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