The game can't keep up with Lightweight

Black Ops II Xbox 360

lol ur silly.. very helpful post. this forum feeds off your infinite wisdom.

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Youre an idiot. If I was a camper it wouldnt be an issue. I would have never noticed it. How could someone with half a brain even come up with a response as ignorant as that?

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payneinc85 wrote:

First of all I'm not one to get on here and rant. I havent been active on here in a couple of years actually. I know the game has connection issues and all that but I'm still not going to get on here and start pissing and whining about it. This i feel like is a valid complaint however. Lightweight!!! IDK if it's the outdated engine that can't keep up or the delayed cameras but whenever someone is using lightweight it seems like nothing will register on them. Also seems like no matter how dead on them you are you'll end up shooting 3 feet behind them. I've been saying this since MW2.

I feel a guy running around with knives and lightweight makes it so the connection can't keep up. I'll see the guy running at me, he'll be 15 feet away, and then I'm just dead.

Most of the time I get the kill before they've hit the 15 foot mark, but when I do get killed by the teleporting knifer, it's still a WTF moment.

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I have noticed alot lately that kids with lightweight have been running threw claymores, and there not running engeneer. Anyone else been having this happen

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I did this on MW2 all the time.  Bad Claymore placements and good timing and you can be unstoppable.

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yea i dont see why you couldnt run past a bad claymore, but what about a decent one?

cargo, the house and garage part in that corridor up the two stairs... right there in that halway placed far enough back will detonate as soon as someone walks by... then i use a second one just far enough behind it so when people sit and wait they can still get some of the claymores goodness to the face!

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I am not sure if its caused by lightweight, i see players running fast as lightweight without having it equiped. I have noticed it in MW3 that some lobbies you are faster/slower than the previous lobbies without changing your class setups and BO2 has the same symptom.

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This week in Blue Perks:

Ghost is OP, Flak Jacket is OP, Hardline is OP and now Lightweight is OP.

So now the only obvious thing to do is get online and abuse anyone that's not using Blind Eye because they're a 'tryhard'.

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Well you might want to forget blaming the delayed camera issue because the last 3  games were ALL proven to have a delayed camera.

But I will agree that a faster moving person is not a good thing in this game. The faster the players move in a game the more accurate the math must be on the lag compensation.

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this is why i use lightweight and extreme conditioning together when i play shotgun classes. it gives me a fighting chance.

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