The game can't keep up with Lightweight

Black Ops II Xbox 360

First of all I'm not one to get on here and rant. I havent been active on here in a couple of years actually. I know the game has connection issues and all that but I'm still not going to get on here and start pissing and whining about it. This i feel like is a valid complaint however. Lightweight!!! IDK if it's the outdated engine that can't keep up or the delayed cameras but whenever someone is using lightweight it seems like nothing will register on them. Also seems like no matter how dead on them you are you'll end up shooting 3 feet behind them. I've been saying this since MW2.

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I know exactly what you mean, and not only that, sometimes lightweight players seem to have some sort of "hyper speed" where they seem to move much faster than normal lightweighters.

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people with pistols.. so hard to catch them running away even if i sit with  the sights fixed on where i know they will run... they zoom right past me with pistols. man i hate that, but i guess that what lightweight was intended to do, and pistol are the lightest weapon arent they?

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No, with pistols and smg's player runs at 100%. With Assult Rifles at 95%.

And light weight adds 7% boost to players speed, but with ballistic knife player runs at 102%. So Ballistic kinife is the fastest weapon to run with.(they did that to compensate that normal knife 'cuts' faster.)

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Been saying that to my clan for a while, lightweight = semi-god mode

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I run Lightweight on every class and seem to have no problem dying.

Perhaps try Stock? Or learn to aim?

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The above post is pointless. I know what you mean espically people with the knives. Seems like when you shoot them halfway across the map, you still end up getting knifed because they move so quick.

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Maybe lead your target or use a concussion grenade

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yea stun em is the point... hard to do even while leading someone running like "the flash". i posted above as well... saying i tried that and they zoom zoom by me. even with a target finder. sometimes, however, i dont have any problems. just people with pistols and knives.

but they have achievments for stuff like this right? i know they do with knifing but isnt it without perks or something? or just no primary/secondary?

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Campers complaining about a perk because they can't seem to adapt is all I see here moving on. Advice go play MW3 there's no lightweight and the game supports camping more then any other game.

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