The S12-Underrated?

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

Prestiged it twice. Got gold. Honestly, I should not have to shoot people more than once when I shove my pump shotgun down someones throat, but I have to for some reason. Some people even 3 times.

Shotguns could use a buff. Maybe not the S12 or KSG, but I haven't used them as much as the other 2.

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

Finally got that gun Gold today and as much as I loved it, as it was a pretty fun shotty to use, I hated it at the same time lol.

Reload took forever, and the shots were so random at times, like i'd stand point blank behind someone for a easy one shot kill for when I was going for the camos, and get a hitmarker, or then i'll get someone in one shot from a further range.

So random but it was a fun gun.

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

Definitely not my favourite shorty but a range boost might make it very good indeed.

But of course someone would complain ^~^

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

S12 is underused because it SUCKS

needs buff asap

super hard to get 1 shot kill plus you have to waste entire mag to kill 1 or 2 guys

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

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long barrel and laser sight work for me fine i usually get 1 1hk every 3 kills

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

It is a pain to get One Hit Kills with for Gold (playing core that is) but while I wasn't getting a lot of OHKOs, I was doing good. It is good for pure killing when not trying to get OHKOs, unlike the M1216 which just sucks everywhere.

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Re: The S12-Underrated?

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than youre doing it wrong. yes the s 12 and m1216 sucks but you have to sneak around and just hit them close. i got them diamond today and im glad i have never have to use those shotguns again there garbage. but indeed the m1216 is the worst shotgun ever. now its time for the AR for me ;p

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