The Decline & Rebirth Of My Love For Call Of Duty

Black Ops II Xbox 360

47 here. I have frustrations with the game- all network/matchmaking related. I like the logic, kill streaks, pick 10 system, etc. Weapons are balanced in my opinion.

I really dislike the far too frequent disadvantages I experience due to hit detection. I don't mind losing due to skill; in fact it's a great way to learn new routes, techniques etc.

I hate losing when I feel I have the reaction advantage however end up on the short side of a gun battle.

P.S. Played a lot of Defender on the Atari back in the day. We have come a long way!

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Yeah I agree I like the actual game but the connection is beyond terrible Smiley Sad and makes it very frustrating sometimes .

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Guys, thank you all. It was merely my thoughts on the game itself and how it has brought me so much joy and frustration. No problem whatsoever with Izjar11. He stated he doesn't enjoy long posts but in a polite and intelligent manner. Great guys on here can be found Smiley Happy

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