Thanks for ruining ghost...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Like myself and others have said, there is an AA launcher unlocked at level 4 to take spy planes down. People who have played the game already said that they are easy to spot in this game. The community will adapt.

The days of putting a perk on and ignoring all killstreaks in the sky are gone. Play as a team or with a team and stop playing like Rambo the lone soldier. Ghost wasnt the only counter, it was just the easiest counter.

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Well you better hope again, because theres no way im stopping camping

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The real horror here is that Ghost isn't unlocked untill LEVEL 55 so ghost whores as people so few accuse people of being is going to be few and far between so lets go ahead and get our lightweight, slight of hand, and quickdraw classes ready because we will all be running for or lives and playing like we're on nuketown for every level.

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    • HELLO ALL! EXcited for tonight! Can someone tell me exactly what the new change to  ghost was? Thanks!

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You're a fucking moron.

It's called Counter UAV. Also, Snipers aren't meant to be run and gun. Please go to school tomorrow and don't stay home to play, I'd like less idiot kids to deal with.

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You're a fucking moron.

It's called Counter UAV. Also, Snipers aren't meant to be run and gun. Please go to school tomorrow and don't stay home to play, I'd like less idiot kids to deal with.

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Can anyone confirm if there is an amount of time you can stay still for (if any)? Or walking? Because I would hate to have to reload for a second in a 1v1 battle, and have the other 5 enemys notice where I am and come after me.

I know I can adapt, I have played without a silencer and its not difficult to predict that at least one enemy is going to notice me shooting at someone, but it seems like it is going to be hard to avoid making a blip on the screen while flanking the enemy (even with a silencer) and attempting to recover health or reload.. But either way, I hate camping, I think its a good addition, just would be nice if you could stay still for a max of 5 seconds or something without showing up.

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For everyone saying that you need Ghost to camp or snipe seriously I am able to snipe with out Assassin or Ghost I also went 32-1 without using Assassin and I got two reapers. Also for you saying it isn't realistic well hate to break it to you this is an arcade shooter so jokes on you. For the people saying that Treyarch is dictating how you should play um no they aren't they are just changing the perk if anything you campers were dictating how people should play in MW3 with your constant complaining about everything runners n gunners used. Just be glad they aren't pulling a Homefront cause then it would be even harder to camp. Ghost is fine the way it is so deal with don't like it stay in MW3 cause no one wants a camper who complains just to benefit them in their game anyways.  Seriously Treyarch if you cater to the campers like Infinity Ward did I am never getting Call of Duty again. A lot of you campers cry and complain more then any other player. MW3 is a fine example of your complaining you complained about anything that hindered or killed you. Learn to adapt campers cause seriously if I see Treyarch taking anything out of game that helps Runner n gunners I will know it was the campers who complained about it. Here are some examples of your complaints in and before MW3 Marathon, Lightweight, Dead Silence, Assassin, ALL explosives, replenishable tactical and lethal grenades, Support Killstreaks, Shotguns, Smgs, Snipers, Stalker, Tactical Insertion, Quick Scoping, and the list gets larger every day. Whats sad is you go into these forums and tell people to learn to adapt when you can't even adapt yourselves. Learn to adapt campers see I used your slogan against you again. What's even sadder is the second runner n gunners learn to adapt you go back into these forums and complain yet again. This is a tactical player telling you this by the way which sad cause I use anything I think is going to help me win or have fun. I am not a runner n gunner or a camper I am a tactical player so there is nothing bias here just  countless observations here.

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SteadyCampin wrote:

Before all the bashing starts I'm not whining or crying just stating facts. This perk has been in every cod since mw and has always worked well, yes it was way over powered in blop 1. But the issue was not that people weren't showing up it was that it was also blind eye which made it over powered and over used. There have always been perks or ways to get around ghost to make it balanced. Like in mw3 you could have ghost or quick draw ghost give you the element of surprise and quick draw give you an upper hand in CQC. With this said how are we suppose to not be exposed by the UAVs unless we're running around like chickens with their heads cut off seems stupid and unreasonable. All they did was make the game even more noob friendly and how will this effect snipers because you can't run and gun with those.

I don't think this this change the game as much as your think it will.  Generally when people camp they are not perfectly stationary. 

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