Thanks for ruining ghost...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I'm flattered that you remember me!  But yes blb128, maybe its because youve never played with me, but lumping all campers in the same group is pretty narrow-minded, and thats an understatement.  You may not know this but camping in the back map corner helps no one, especially me if I want a good kd. 

Why dont you consider the fact that im not a green bush camping idiot ? I want my team to cap things, because if enemies have all 3 flags, the game is over too soon and i dont have time to get that many kills.  I ALWAYS camp objectives and go for defends; for one thing, without defenders, all you have is caps and spawn flips.  Defend kills also give more points than normal, convenient for BO2 especially.  A competent camper can earn high streaks FAR more often then a more competent rusher by nature; think what happens in demo round that start with dogs and choppers for example.  And you're telling me that campers dont have a purpose in a game?  Dont put all campers in the same basket.

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i play nothing but team deathmatch now but before mw3 all i would play was Domination. and u can go see my captures and all that on black ops or mw2. and i could get any flag i wanted by doing it smart and i could camp to make a great spawn point for my team.

if all rush towards B and are way past a certain point, people start spawning behind you.

i knew how far i could go and i couldnt go to far cus if i did, i'd make my team even more retarded spawning all over the place.  thanks to me, i made a great spawn point for my team to be close to B and also had a quick run back to A or C.

there has to be different types of players even in objective games.  all cant be going for B cus then u'll lose A, then guess what, all run back to A and lose B. doesnt work like that.  all gametypes need what u all call "campers" maybe except Headquarters. 

how are u gonna run around on SnD when u have an objective to take care of? then u get called a camper? lol

3arc is getting annoying and making this game to easy for players.  what's the point in Ghost which basically lets u use camoflauge to not be seen by a uav but u have to be running with that camoflauge on so u dont get seen? that makes no sense...

think about a sniper with camo in real life. it represents stealth (GHOST) get that sniper in afghanistan to start running around and u best believe he'll be visible.

just stupid and starting to get like halo.

reason i stopped playing halo was cus CoD was more life-life. but now its getting stupider than it already was.

maybe on black ops 3 they'll only let u use extreme conditioning if u consume a bottle of water before u start running.

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Don't people cry all the time about people camping the objective, so if their camping the objective doesn't that mean people would spawn close to the objective lol. That5, people are too simple minded that's why they run around going 5-15 every match and then call us garbage because we killed them 5 times from the same spot.

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There are also cowards like you that hide for lack of confidence in their own abilities. What they've done to Ghost is brilliant, and if you can't adapt to make it work, then don't use it.

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I run and gun well 1.5ish k/d camping I'll have over a 3 k/d ... Considering I play games based a lot off of k/d it makes since to go for a higher k/d because I drop less tags that way. Also I play nothing but hardcore in which I fell there should never be a mini map on anyways IMO. But if ghost only keeps you hidden while sprinting why would you ever use it, running around your going to die more and while running your not being stealthy anyways.

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That5What5Up wrote:


say what you want but campers dont destroy spawns by running everywhere.  Some campers even stabilize map flow by at least keeping a certain part of the map locked down for their team.  Devs have increasingly been harder on "campers", so now you get gameplay like mw3's and now people complain about spawns and small maps and no stealth and whatnot.  Well, guess what, "anti-campers" community, YOU brought this on yourselves, dont look at me

Exactly this

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I'm looking at this from a design aspect because that's just kinda how my mind works and that's what I've done my whole adult life. So look at it this way... Windows in your house keep you safe from the elements, but lets say they only work when it's a beautiful non windy 70 degree day. When it's 20 outside and snowing its ass off they don't block anything. At that time the windows are broken and worthless.

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this is how you stay of the mini map with ghost while snipeing run stop aim shoot/ run stop aim shoot repeat it works really well if your botherd that much by ghost its called anti aircraft launcher

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LOL @ this thread.  Personally I love the changes and the more campers it irritates the happier it makes me.  In fact I hope you hate the changes, I hope you hate them so bad that you don't play.  The reward would be a game with a community of players who don't whine because their ability to play like a coward has been rendered useless.  You can bark all you want about camping takes skill, garbage.  Skill is when all parts being equal you outgun someone, tactics are when you outplay an opponent by virtue of thinking quicker/better than they do.  In no instance does waiting for someone to run by your position so you can shoot them in the back qualify as either skill or tactical.  The only exceptions for this in my opinion are objective based games where camping is necessary to victory and expected by all parties that chose that game format.  Personally I'm looking forward to all the latter being run from the game.  Thank you Treyarch!

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One thing COD has had going for it is balance, and I mean balance in the game by having a whole range of people playing in different ways such as the run gunners, the snipers, those who move a little slower (Patrolling) etc and then you have those who don't move ever like the corner campers.  It's all these elements and styles that have created the gameplay balance that has survived and kept us all interested.

Now, nobody likes corner campers who sit in one spot all day long but all the rest have contributed into giving the game depth, allowing it to be played in many different ways and on many different levels and certainly we all play more than one, sometimes we're going for it and other times we're sitting back a little.  Nobody constantly runs around non-stop in every single game, we all stop and/or slow for various reasons.

Some of you guys clearly love what's happened to this perk but there's a chance that COD will turn into an arcade type game where everyone runs around and if that happens this franchise will self destruct.

First of all it will become boring very quickly, every run and gun game will be like every other run and gun game, there will be little or no tactics and it'll be just a shallow arcade game.

Secondly your going to be flooded with kids, the little twelve year olds will absolutely love this type of game play, nothing to think about, no tactics to consider, it'll be easy as hell to just run around quickscoping, shooting, trickshotting and it'll be ten times worse than it is now in MW3.

I hope I'm wrong, but I feel those who normally don't run around will now feel compelled to do so, everyone from a sniper to a patroller will feel they can't sit in one place for a second and there's no cover unless you run!

The real problem is and always has been for everyone who plays cod is the corner campers, that's what we ALL want rid of but this could change everything and could destroy a huge part of the game.

We shall have to wait and see, but in time we could all regret this change.

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