Thanks for ruining ghost...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

so whats the deal, ghost no longer makes u immune to UAV? If so thats a major mistake by hasnt even been released and they already make mistakes

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You like to camp and ruin the game for everyone else, and now you can't.

Welcome to BOII

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thanks for fixing ghost

fixed his post

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it's bad enough this game's maps are small and you can use an SMG and run around on about 80% of maps, and now they're gonna make SMG run & gun OP.

like people posted above, even if it takes long i check all corners when im going through a map. if u dont, it's ur problem that ur retarded and die. 

also posted above people run around corners knowing where im at and die 10 times in a row.

if someone is camping and u know where he is...isnt that the same thing as a uav and u just suck at shooting and aiming.

cus i for one can camp and i can kill campers with ease.  i have no trouble shooting my gun or aiming.

but Ghost is totally dumb in this game lol. 

besides the fact that playing as a team and holding down a place is a lot more with this type of game and will win about 95% of games.  instead of idiots running around dying 20 times getting 2 kills thinking its halo.

Call of Duty keeps on making things easier for people that can't play the game. and not only new people but retarded people with a.d.d that have been playing since CoD4 that can't have patience and move slowly, play smart and with good tactics. just let their adhd kick in and run all over the place and die by someone that knows they're coming.

some people just need to find better ways to play if one way is not working instead of complaining on every game about campers for things like these to be done and ruin perks to be useless...

i feel bad for snipers but also for the perk itself. not only that but counter uav's cost more to get than uav' balance at all and a useless perk

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well said @blaZed4twenty

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what i do most of the time. a little bit of camping...a little bit of moving.

im always around the same area.

why? cus there's 80 % parts of maps made for SMG's & shotguns, other parts made for Assault and sniper rifles.

you can call that camping but im just being smart, why go into an area with an ACR when i know an MP7/pp90/striker are gonna out duel me.

i play my gun.  if i use an MP7 or something ill run around the middle of this map and if fact, most of this map cus of how small maps are and u can shoot across them with SMG's.

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In an attempt to stop camping they've created a game better suited to the run and gunner which so isn't me and how I play, at my (ahem) age my reactions just aren't quick enough to keep up with the kids who run around.

I also wanted to see a harder line taken towards quickscoping, for it to be made more difficult for them but this change will also push genuine snipers into running too.

I'm going to give it time, lots of time but if cod moves in this direction it will cease to be the game for me.

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Personally I think they should do away with all perks now so everyone would quit crying! MoHW is a sick game and we don't have ghost. CoD is infested with people who say they hate campers yet finish a match with stats like 5-12. I know, these wannabe runners always finish bad and lose the match for our team. Stealth players usually win matches unless you are one of the 10% who actually know how to rush.

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couldnt agree more @obzi

only catering to one type of play style, stupid imo

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ghost in BO2 caters to rushers now. enough said

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