Thanks for ruining ghost...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have a good idea! dont be a ghost/assassin faggot! this aint assasins creed, the only time i used it was in my specialtist bonus in mw3. Get over it

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I hear the anti-air launcher is unlocked very early in the unlock system so put it on your class and take the damn UAV down. Also the Black Hat PDA can destroy UAV's by hacking the UAVs.

You also get points towards scorestreaks for taking down UAV's.

I can't believe I'm repeating myself in the 100's of threads about Ghost "2.0."

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after playing mw3 looks like people would be use not useing ghost

wish people would stop bitchin about it 3arc made 100 diffrent ways to counter a uav aint like they are spaming.
a blackbird

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The AA launcher is unlocked at level 4 with Custom Classes.

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Oh my beloved Ghost Pro, oh my brilliant tactics. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy take it away 3arch. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Funny these people actually believe they are good..

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LOL...I don't know what to say about that video...

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While the video is funny it's fake... Plus to think camping takes no skill or no aim is simple minded thinking, I'll hit shots with iron sights that most people can't hit with scopes. Simple fix to this whole issue, take away the baby monitor.

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Registered: ‎18-02-2012 ... Prime example right here I hit this shot all the time on array when I played blop 1 a lot back in the day. I'm not positive who loaded a video of me as I have never wasted my time doing so lol.

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Lol when did Wings lose weight ?

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I'll take people complaining that they can not sit in corners rather then people complaining that everyone sits in corners. Just my opinion

Enemy team spams my team with UAV's... we will spam those UAV's with rockets. Get points for it. Then spam them with our Scorestreaks.

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