Thanks for ruining ghost...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It'll dictate YOUR playstyle not mine..

You can never check every corner, it would take forever to navigate a map, it's just not plausible.

75 kills in TDM........No one else in your team gets kills?

Any average player can achieve good scores camping with Ghost in Blops.

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No lol I had 13 kills - 0 deaths lol ... The final game score was 75 - 2 lloll

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My apologies, 13-0 camping isn't that hard for some players, nor enjoyable in my opinion, killstreaks could get you 5-6 of these kills.

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SteadyCampin wrote:

It just compleatly dictates how we have to play the game... I have camped pretty hard since cod4

Not surprising that you would find a reduction in the efficacy of ghost to be bothersome. Suppose you and others will learn to use "non ghost" tactics. It's possible to play and have fun without ghost millions do.

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run forest run lol

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play hard core.  no mini maps. 

no but serously, good players will adapt, and change style to the game.   Every video game is like this, . ,   

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Ever heard of Counter UAV?

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or anti aircraft

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Ryan way to make yourself look like an ass... That's why I asked what are snipers suppose to do because you can't run and gun with them. Also why in ANY past cod would you have ran counter UAVs unless a) you were working on challenges or b) your a retard. You have in your 3 statements proved that ghost is broken right off the bat and needs to be fixed.

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