Thanks for ruining ghost...

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SteadyCampin wrote:

Ryan way to make yourself look like an ass... That's why I asked what are snipers suppose to do because you can't run and gun with them. Also why in ANY past cod would you have ran counter UAVs unless a) you were working on challenges or b) your a retard. You have in your 3 statements proved that ghost is broken right off the bat and needs to be fixed.

You are...Cuav works for the whole team, yes in every COD. Yes, not everybody needs Ghost. They are not only handy for uav spam, they also work when people fire and of course blackbirds as they block the whole radar.

Ghost is awesome like it's. SteadyCampin aka SteadyDyingInCorners.

Also please blame me for "ruining" Ghost, I love the sweet tears. I among others made suggestions for them to alter Ghost to only working when people move as a flankers perk, 1-2 years ago on the blops forums. Happy Camping!

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I remember that thread, I am suprised that they did it that way though there were other ways they could have addressed the problem; but no matter its all good, new game= new way to learn to play. As it always should be.

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Lol yeah it was you.  Vahn made an entire perk and gameplay mechanic change because of that one thread two years ago.  Yup.

Listen, Im amused by the flaming that goes on here, and not that I dont think that youre clever and all, you are, but the only, ONLY way you can seem like a real deluded poor soul on here is by insinuating that this forum and its threads actually change things. 

Lets make it clear: unless youre optic or hastro or a big youtuber, vahn will not give two ****s about you, he will not read these posts on here, he will engage in about as much dialogue with you as bowling did, and he will not make changes based on what you personally think unless youre either anti-stealth and pro-QS, in which case you can pretend that it was you who changed his mind.

Its like saying I wanted a black ops 2 two years ago, thats the reason we have this game today! 

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I'm not even sure if it was me who suggested moving for ghost to work first. I would have to look back at all the Threads Vahn made asking for feedback, he apparently doesn't want. I don't care enough.

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Me neither.  But you better thank me for telling vahn to make BO2!

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You will be ok with the new ghost! Just make sure your mobile when it's up. No big deal, unless your a hardcore camper.  Good luck! Lmao!

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Ghost is fine, the only thing you can't use it for now is camping, which IMO is a good thing, oh, and before you say a word, you can defend and move at the same time.

I just don't get why some of you enjoy sitting in a corner getting maybe 5 kills max in a game that others are getting 20+, how is that fun?

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I average 10+ kills a game ... Some I might 3 others I will get close to 30. I know on mw2 I went 33-0 which is my personal best and that was on hardcore Tdm. My point to this thread was that the main purpose of ghost is now gone and the perk is basically useless at this time. Also what are the point of supressors now, there is none because your gonna be a dot one map anyhow lol.

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Makes me laugh.  You don't have to play multiplayer.  No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want.  Just get over it and deal with the facts that you can no longer hide in corners and never be found.

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Thanks for making another thread about ghost and UAVs. The enemy might know where you are at but you will also know where they are at. Most of us survived just fine not using ghost in the early games where stopping power and jug were used way more. UAVs were up all the time cause all you had was 3-5-7 for killstreaks.

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