TU Report: FAL with Select Fire...Its done.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

FAL w/ Select fire is still good. The added recoil is controlable up to medium range. Seems to kick up and right. I ran around yesterday with just select fire on and did quite well.  The few long range shot's I tried didn't work to well until I turn the select fire off.

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I like it better without select fire anyway so it doesn't affect me. I don't get why people hype up SF when you can shoot it faster in semi auto mode by spamming the trigger.

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I dont like the select fire on it so I'm OK.  It seems faster just hitting the button.

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Faster, and more efficient. There is no recoil when using the semi auto, select fire is a wasted attachment now, freeing up a slot to make the gun even better.

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I agree, the select fire is over rated. I did better without it even before the patch. Of course I was a huge fan of the FN FAL from Black Ops, it was my second most used gun. The select fire is really more of a placebo effect for most people I think, if they were to give it a chance for a few games without select fire I think most people would find they prefer it that way.

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