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Black Ops II Xbox 360

So here I was, playing some ground war on slums. I was using my Vector. It is the last SMG I need to get gold before diamond, and it has been a long and frustrating journey. I'm not too fond of the Vector, but have put up some ok gameplays with it. Anyway, back to the situation. Here I am, going around a corner. I am ADSing and scanning the whole room, you know, the one in by B that everyone camps in? So I spot someone in the corner watching the doorway. Figuring I had the drop, I fired. I counted, 1... 2... 3... YES! One more hitmarker and I got the kill. I was eager to collect my dog tag, and ensure my Escort Drone, only to realize that I had, in fact, died. I had lost the gunfight. I watched the kill cam to see what I did wrong, only to find out that I had been outgunned in a CQC situation by an Assault Rifle (the Scar-H to be exact). Now maybe I could've thrown a stun before I went in, but I just can't get over how an AR beat a SMG in a close quarters situation. He even had to take the .25 seconds to ADS, and still beat me.

Post your stories that make you facepalm

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I'm sure someone already holds the copyright to this story.

Apple will probably sue you.

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Not surprised, you lost a gunfight to a more powerful weapon... happens.

My facepalm stories all involve getting perfect aim on a head-glitcher, getting good, clean shots off.. and getting hitmarkers... on their head... in Hardcore, only to have them disappear and pop back up and instantly kill me.

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my facepalm is:

OMG, one more kill and a VSAT , c'mon AGR kill someone,  D:, you got destroyed, oh well, oh, i see that guy, yeah i shoot him 1st , but i almost die D: , phew.. wait whaT? i died? how? a shock charge? WHY DID IT NOT APPEAR ON MY SCREEN??!?!?!? .. :c

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