Stat: Flags Capped per Match

Black Ops II Xbox 360

There has been many threats about stats and KD.

I agree that KD is a good stat for TDM, FFA or KC, but for objective gametypes its a useless stat.

Why not use a better stat for example for domination: Average Flags captured per Match.

For example my FCM is: 4,6 (5.769 flags captured over 1252 matches). This means that on average I capture 2 flags per round

What do you think? What is is your FCM?

Method of calculation (since i can't find on elite how many matches i played in domination, only matches won and WL from the game)

641 won match / 1,05 = 611 lost matches; 641 + 611 = 1252 played matches.

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It really doesn't matter as long as you get the W.

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Agreed i couldn't give a fig about any precious stats, the objective and the win is what counts.

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I average 3-4 per game over the time I have spent playing Domination. I worked my math a bit different though. I have 766 caps total with 37.5 hours played. Divide those you get 20 caps per hour. Which equals one cap every three minutes.Each game of Dom is roughly 10 minutes, so that gives me a 3-4 cap average. There has not been a game yet where I don't get at least 2. This is the most accurate I could come with since you can't see how many matches you have played as the OP has stated. I have always been an avid capper and go for the win, but with randoms you can only cap so much without feeding the other side their killstreaks.

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