Spawn Point Camping RUINING Hardcore CTF

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Over the past two weeks I've played a ton of Hardcore CTF. I love CTF because of the team element and enjoy being able to contribute in multiple ways to my team’s success, whether that’s through protecting our flag or pushing to take the enemy flag and return it to our base. Pretty frequently though I’ve run into an issue with spawnpoint campers – this is especially prevalent on Hijacked, but can happen on the other maps as well. Usually I put up with it because the offenders are usually just one or two players so I can spawn at a point that isn’t being camped and get revenge.

Last night though, I hit my last straw. I played on Hijacked, on hardcore, and every single spawnpoint was being camped. I was literally shot or stabbed as soon as I spawned.

So I did the only thing I could – I filed a complaint against the campers via Xbox LIVE for tampering/exploiting the game. I’m sick and tired of this.

Why is it enjoyable for the people who do it? And more importantly, why, months after release, is this still an issue? It’s one thing to encounter an occasional spawn camper, it’s another to have one on every spawnpoint and not be able to do a thing.

My K/D ratio when the players finally were either booted or quit was 0/35. I was persistent, I didn’t want to give them the pleasure of quitting. But this is annoying. I’m playing hardcore and I assume most people playing want a challenge.

I’d love Treyarch to actually do something about this. Heck, they could just sit in on some of these games on Hijacked and see it for themselves. It’s ridiculous. When will they do something?

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HC CTF always has and always will suffer from this. The best way to combat this is to play in a party of 6. Otherwise, it is inevitable that this will happen. It happens even worse on Domination. I really only find it to be a problem in HC CTF on 2 maps. Slums and Hijacked. All other maps seem to be spread out enough and not have a spawn bottleneck on one spot on the map.

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Playing in a party of 6 isn't a solution. I don't have an option to play with 6 people as only a couple of my friends play CoD. Usually it's just me and my wife playing splitscreen together.

The fact is, you should be able to play this game the way it's meant to be played. I don't mind being outplayed and getting killed, but I do mind when there are 4 spawn points and the opposing team literally sits on them. On regular CTF you may be able to toss a grenade/bouncing betty and kill them before you die, but on hardcore CTF, you die instantly. There's no way out of a spawn trap.

It's not a gameplay tactic, and even if you did play with 6 people, once the other team is sitting on all the spawn points, you can't do anything. That's an exploit, and needs to be fixed.

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HC CTF did not play like this on BO1. When the game has it's usual lag issues and you can't even shoot the fast running pistol guy...

... spawn camp is on.

I will not play HC CTF until it's addressed. Period.

The game mode was already laggy but now it's unplayable.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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i agree with you on this. The last few weeks have been worse for CTF players. It is getting annoying having to be killed right after you spawn. This needs to be fixed. especially hijacked and slums. The bottom side of slums is a joke. Your spawn in this tiny area. The need to expand the back part of that map. Make it a little bigger. The other side of slums, near the garage has so much more room to defend the flag. which makes it harder to retrieve. Down on the other side its a quick grab and back through the blue building into the streets where your team can easily defend the flag carrier. The map needs to be bigger. Hijacked is silly. Spawns need to be fixed or more spawn points need to be added.

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Apparently, if your game play experience is ruined by players deliberately and relentlessly spawn killing due to trapping and not playing the objective (the intended way of playing CTF or Demo). Then its an exploit of the respawn system and should be reported. Just keep in mind, deliberate and relentless, not just getting mad because you've been spawn killed a couple times. Then its up for Treyarch to review and make a decision. On the contrary, I've been told to fight fire with fire. I don't agree with this idea and refuse to go that route. This is the game Treyarch made and these are the tools they put in place. Even if Treyarch changed the respawn system, what happens if your still spawn trapped/killed ? I don't think its a problem that can be fixed since its existed since multi started. They know they should and would if they could.

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What I've done is reported people who continuously do it throughout the game.

One, two, even a few extra times of getting some cheap kills by waiting by a spawn point? Whatever. It sucks, but whatever. But my last experience was literally spawn, die, spawn die, spawn die. 0/35 K/D. Ridiculous.

Those are the people I report. They're also the people who should be banned and it's a prime example of why Treyarch needs to fix the spawn point issue and build larger maps for DLC.

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ive been playing hardcore ctf alot the past few days and ive found only hijacked has the problem

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Slums bottom  side does, too. I've noticed in a few games that players from the opposing team will sit in the back of the map and kill you as soon as you spawn.

Not prevalent in many of the maps, but on Hijacked I almost always encounter an issue where one team will just camp spawnpoints and not try to score, just holding the flag.

On regular CTF you might be able to break the spawnpoint camping, but on hardcore CTF it's one shot, one kill and you're a goner in that scenario.

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Best thing to do is report them via in game as spawn killing is against the CoC and is bannable/re-set . If you're really annoyed by it you could pass the GT on to @Mattiks on Twitter and he maybe able to help and pass it on  as he's the old head of security for Treyarch but don't know who's in charge now .

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