Spawn Point Camping RUINING Hardcore CTF

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I'm sorry, but this defense is pathetic.

What you're saying is completely against the spirit of the game. You're saying, "Hey, don't blame me for camping, blame the designers for making it easy to camp."

I could camp. I don't. Why? Because there's no fun in it. The goal of CTF is to have a competition, to fight for the flag. What fun is there in standing at a spawnpoint? Does that give the enemy any shot at all? No.

Furthermore, what I'm talking about isn't taking control of a map, I'm talking about abuse of the system to the point where I die the second I spawn, at every spawn point. That's an exploitation of an in-game issue, and it is a decision made by the player to do so.

Blaming the devs is just plain wrong. Yes, they need to fix the spawn points. But players could easily choose to ignore the spawn points and play the way the game is mean to be played.

While I certainly want to keep the enemy from getting the flag, I have no desire to do so by exploiting the game. That isn't skilled, it isn't fun, it's just plain cheating. I don't care. It's cheating.

Please tell me how it isn't. It's exploiting an issue in the game where there are only a few locations the enemy can spawn and using it to boost your score by killing them constantly and not attempting to capture the flag. Cheating. 

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Also, sorry, but the answer is also not: play with a team. I can play as a team, but it's not realistic for everyone playing CTF to know everyone on their team. If I'm the only person online, am I supposed to just pass up on my favorite game mode? No.

In addition, I'm not talking about VSAT or UAV. If I'm getting killed from all over the map, that's one thing. It's sitting on spawn points that is plain old cheating. Using recon to see enemies is not cheating. Sitting where they will spawn is. Plain and simple.

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My solution is to allow spawns to reach the enemies base if they push to far.  Less camping would occur because of threat of being killed from behind.  Its simple.  Obviously over time people have figured out ways to control choke points much better than people were doing in MW4 and WAW. More than ever people are doing it. 

Break the spawn rule and start making spawns totally random like FFA.  I swear in WAW spawns were like FFA.  I could never figure out where anyone was.

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Why did you file a complaint? Add them to avoided players sure but a complaint for what? What exactly did they do they do that is against the rules? Spawn trap is a stretegy to stop the other team from leaving a certain area of the map also known as field control, map control, controling the map. Even if they have the flag and don't cap it as they spawn trap you, there is no legitimate complaint to file. The game is more or so about killing and in CTF killing and capping. There are alot of points to be had killing while the flag srrier. Now I will agree the spawning is terrible, but I also don't like playing Highjacked at all, unlkess I am in a full group I leave the lobby, I hate that map.

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yeah why file a complaint they arent cheating in any way.  they just worked together to push up into your spawn so you couldnt cap their flag. and kept you there so they could win the game.

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Yes, they are cheating.

You can file a complaint for boosting, which is a viable complaint according to both Treyarch and Microsoft. When a team sits on all 4 spawn points and doesn't attempt to capture the flag, they are deliberately not playing the game the way it's meant to be played, exploiting the game in a way it isn't intended to be played, and boosting their score by achieving K/D ratios such as 50/2 by simply sitting on all the spawn points.

Like I said, I often run into one or two players on a team who sit on a spawn point. But, they can be dealt with because I don't always spawn at the spawn point they're camping. For these players, I avoid them. But for a team of players that deliberately doesn't try and score, sits on spawn points, and kills everyone immediately, I will file a complaint.

For instance, Microsoft suspended players who used the Javelin Exploit in MW2. It was a known exploit that players used to boost their scores. Same scenario here. Because there are only 4 spawn points on Hijacked, it is easy to exploit the game, sit on those spawn points, and abuse the game by unfairly guaranteeing you can kill players infinitely as they spawn. If you have all 4 points covered, the team literally cannot move, cannot shoot, cannot live. That is cheating.

Like I said, one guy who wants to sit on a spawn point? I'll hit "Avoid This Player." But a team who sits on all the spawn points and makes it impossible to even try and fight back? Complaint.

This is an easy choice for me to make. They're cheating. They're boosting. They aren't attempting to win. That's the definition of complaint-worthy cheating.

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What he is describing is spawn killing, not a spawn trap or 'controlling a spawn or area.'   There is a HUGE difference  

I report those who do it as well.   It's boosting, plain and simple.

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Spawn camping is griefing and its a bannable offence, and I'm certain Treyarch did something about it in BLOPS 1. But the ease at which is done on this game is amazing. There is no excuse for a multi million dollar franchise on its 9th release, yes 9th! to have issues with spawning. I mean seriously, its pathetic. I know people will blame the players but its the Devs fault it is happening. Certain players will always stoop to try and cheat or exploit to win, but the Developers are paid to prevent this from happening, its their job, and when its Call of Duty you can bet they are paid handsomely. Personally I play this game for the competitiveness and there is no competition waiting for somebody to respawn so I can press the trigger and get the easy kill. But this spawn issue, like every other issue should have been stamped out in Beta but it wasn't and we get another problem to add to all the other problems, and deep down we know none of them will be fixed. And now they will have the cheek to ask us for more money for new maps. We cant even play the old ones you clowns.

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Yes, the respawn system should be as good as it can be because its the 9th and latest installment. They obviously took some steps backwards. But I don't believe money can cure the respawn system altogether. Only SnD can do that.

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They are bad but as someone else said fight fire with fire, I did it earlier after 1min in I was 0-8 so I thought I would camp them out and ended the game 38-14 also made the spawn campers rage quit which is always a pleasure

Oh and my spawn camping doesnt consist of me sitting in a silly corner or behind a barrel I will constantly move in there spawn. I like to run a gun thats why I usually play HC:KC

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