Someone reported me for nothing

Black Ops II Xbox 360

WTF someone reported me for boosting because i was dying too much. Honestly, i was dying a lot because i suck. Black ops 2 is my first cod game, so i am supposed to do really bad. If i get reset or banned, screw it im never playing again.

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Don't sweat it. They will check the report and if they find that there is nothing wrong then it will be dismissed. You have nothing to worry about.

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someone was having a bad match and decided to act like a crybaby and take out their frustrations on you sadly.  It sucks I'm sorry.

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How can you tell if you get reported?

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The only people I report are those prestige masters. Check their stats and if it's not legit then I report them. But don't worry if you didn't do nothing wrong than nothing will happen to you. I use to get reported alot on Gun Game just cause I would run around and knife people.


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Saw one of those yesterday. I'm 6th prestige with 18.000 kills and he was prestige master with 19.000 kills. I doubt I can get 4 prestiges only getting a 1.000 kills.

Love the combat record, just checking how people are doing. It's just funny to see someone as a prestige master and he hasn't even used half of the weapons. OnlyUseMeSmg

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Amount of kills is not the way you uncover one.

If they mostly play S&D or only S&D they can easily get master with a few kills.

I am prestige 7 and just around 18.000 kills.

So I am a prestige higher than you but have about the same amount.

I play a lot of S&D lately and if you plant a lot of bombs you get a lot of XP.

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In MW3 and BO1 you could tell you had been reported because there would be a negative symbol in front of your score for that match in Elite. I assume it's the same with BO2. Don't know. Haven't been reported for anything yet as far as I can tell.

In any case, Run_N_Gun and Undead said ... if you were doing nothing wrong, take the laugh and don't worry about it.

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If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

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i dunno, i heard that you have to be reported a few times before they even bother looking at you, so i'm sure you have nothing to worry about, anyways.

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