So this is why i play with EU only

Black Ops II Xbox 360


ONLY bad routine handling is capable of what i see when in MP.. if you miss a nano second of program things like .. happen

lol, having my job

guess what my ex boss would say:

so you think you can resolve this by patching this and in the meantime about 80% of the program users are complaining on a daily basis?

lets take a look at your contract and if they have an opening at the service desk for you so you can talk to the end users themself.

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If they'd stop giving the host such a hard time I'd agree on the no need part but they changed direction and haven't found a happy medium yet.

Apart from that go wild son.

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Not sure what they have done in this update, but for myself it has turned out well for a change. I have a slow 2Mb connection, but the game runs really smooth now under the new update, and I can now even dominate a few matches and hold my own! Game for me works best in the "Normal" setting, although it is still very playable in the "Any" mode too. Tried "Best" mode, but I and the other players just sat in the lobby for ages, so I came out of that mode.

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The game at best is NEVER fair to all players in the lobby. I much prefer playing as a 3 bar in the States than a full connection in Europe with it's questionable lag issues.

But heaven forbid you attempt lay claim any fault with it's Wonderful Lag Comp. For it is not to be questioned at any point. ANYTHING you see on screen is not an actual representation of "what?" just happened.

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Being host kicks ass (for all the other players).

around a corner.. boom headshot, shotguns get me from across the map

enemy mid across map and while trying ADS and not being noticed player shoots me with HS?

after migration literally see a player take cover while your still on .. countdown where you had a free line of sight before?

running players that bounce all over the map, prone diving looks ridicilous where my lighweight and extrem cond. makes me go 2 steps forward 3 steps back?

try playing under these conditions and keep the blame on the bandwide and the player himself while it's a game that messes up routines server wise

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