So my account got reset for no reason, ridiculous.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It's been a few years since i've played call of duty, being a student i don't have much time, so i bought black ops 2 and played this one quite a lot over christmas, got to around a level 50, logged on today to find out i am now a level 1 with no unlocks. I have not been involved in any cheating so frankly i find this ridiculous, i've been told that i have to play in order to get back to the same rank, i can safely say i will never be purchasing a call of duty game again, not as if treyarch or activision will actually care about their customers..

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They do that for cheating and boosting, however it could be an error on their part.

Check this out;

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If you played a local game or custom game you could have glitched it with a known bug

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