So I decided to go for the training mode achievement today...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

The amount of, god I hate this word, try hards in this game mode is funny. First time, the whole team was running c4 and electric charges with rimmingtons and they were camping. The next time it was a clan of master prestiges, basically doing the same thing.

This game mode which is supposed to be for inexperienced players is filled to the brim with people who are obviously bad at actual multiplayer so they pick on bots and lowbies.

So pathetic these kids are, not to mention two of the master prestiges had youtube channels in their emblems.... God kids these days are so pathetic.

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I've noticed this as well. I was playing combat training to test my skills with snipers for the first time, and was getting killed by guys with diamond lmg's. Im only level 34 no prestige.

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Its pretty sad if you ask me. Maybe they should limit a prestige or something.

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Prestige does not equal skill. I've seen many Prestige Masters with garbage gameplays and really bad stats to match. They reached Prestige Master due to the sheer amount of time they played.

Training Mode is a good place to try out different gun setups and perks. I use it to see how good certain combinations are like Riot Shield with Fast Hands, C4 and Akimbo Kap 40s. .

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I didnt find it that bad. Lots of people trying out the higher killl streaks they wouldnt normally get. I found hard point the easiest win. Find out the patterns of the hard points, get to each new one first. I just mostly ran lower killstreaks, played the objetive and backed out of games that were a waste of time.

I didnt realise you could level up weapons in this mode actually!

I imagine the league play wins will be a bit of a nightmare with randoms.

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I have not played on combat training playlist much I played it when BO2 first came out but that it was fun to get AGRs in. But have been deterred from it due to the half XP you get by I have choose to stop my ranking career in this cod so I think I will give it a second shot. From the review of others it sounds like the slums of all the playlists.

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Alot of good players use combat training to warm up since stats dont count in that gamemode. Then when their hands are nice and loose and accurate, they jump into league or public games.

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